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We loved family outdoor adventures so much we started a land business just to help others buy their own land. We’ve sold to dozens of people from ATV weekend warriors to camping enthusiasts to retired truck drivers. Our inventory spans five western states. We’ve been trained by experience, land acquisition courses, and hundreds of hours meeting with county assessors and clerks, zoning officials, realtors, and land investors. We’ve answered hundreds of questions from people regarding the buying and use of land.

We love the outdoors, and are betting you do, too. Perhaps it is because when we were first starting our family, we lived in an apartment so small our newborn twins had to literally sleep in a coat closet. Perhaps it having lived in in diverse, beautiful places such as Virginia, California, Utah, Michigan, Connecticut, Jerusalem, China, India, Brazil, and Spain. Whatever the reason, we’ve come to love the natural beauty of the earth and the experiences that come with exploring the great outdoors.

As a family, we have been very fortunate to have wonderful travel and outdoor experiences. We have visited, 12 National parks in 9 states and taken road trips to another 27 states. We have camped in the desert, in snow, on mountains, in cabins, in yurts, and on boats.

From RVs to ATVs, from rafting to spelunking and geo-cashing, we’ve made some great memories. These experiences led us to recently start a boutique LLC for buying and selling land. We sell to people who had a dream of owning their own land and having adventures with families and friends. We’ve helped dozens of people across several different states accomplish their dream of land ownership. Given our deep experience in taking formal land acquisition courses, and through hundreds of calls with prospective sellers and buyers of land, we can guide you through almost any question regarding zoning, land leasing, the deeding process, and more. Let us help you answer any question you have. Your adventure awaits!