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1.64 Acres In Modoc County, California (013-093-015-000)

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This 1.64 acre is a water-front property where some of the lake is actually on the property. Several individuals have built in the area around the Sons of Pioneer Lake, and all enjoy a peaceful home.

The zoning permits 30 days of camping a year, or the building of a single-family home.

GPS Coordinates: Center: 41.5552, -120.5270 41.5558, -120.5273 - NW 41.5558, -120.5267 - NE 41.5546, -120.5266 - SE 41.5546, -120.5273 - SW

Zoning Information Zoned: Residential High Density. Camping: Camping is allowed for up to 30 days per year. Building: Need to have a well or septic before a home can be built. Minimum square footage: 600 square feet RVs - Allowed for up to 30 days per calendar year. Dirt access road. Hills and flat land.   Utilities Water: No water available. Would need to dig a well. Water storage permissible. Power: Not on the property. Would have to contact Pacific power. (888-2217070)    Taxes and POA information Taxes: $272 a year See Modoc Recreational Estates POA here: POA: $36/year   Local Attractions include: West Valley Hot Spring Goose Lake’s Overlook Captain Jack’s Stronghold Modoc County Last Frontier Fair

About 2/3 of the property is considered Wetlands which leaves about 1/3 of the property for buildable land. Please inquire with the city for specifics.

Financial options: Cash $10,600 $200 down and 200 for 60 months (total 12,200) Or $500 down and 200 for 54 months (total 11,300) Or $1000 down and 200 for 48 months (total 10,600) $250 document processing fee due at time of down payment. One time, non-refundable.

41.5552, -120.5270 41.5558, -120.5273 - NW 41.5558, -120.5267 - NE 41.5546, -120.5266 - SE 41.5546, -120.5273 - SW

1.64 acres of land for sale, located in Modoc County, California. Contact us at (844) 599-LAND for more information.

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