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Nobody can deny that Disney has a large fan base. Texan fans frequently ask if Disney bought land in Texas so that they would have easy access to a Disney park.

It's not about Texas only, if you are a resident of any state besides Florida and California, you may have heard at some point that Disney is planning a theme park in your area. There's nothing to worry about. We've also heard the same rumors from many different individuals several times.

The rumors of a third Disneyland being developed in the middle of the US have been circulating for decades, with Texas being the most probable destination. Some even say that Disney has purchased 9000 acres between Salado and Jarrell. But all of these are just 'rumors'.

If Disney has really bought such a large piece of land, why come there is no record of such purchase anywhere? What are the plans for Disney for all of the land they've acquired? The only explanation for it is that there's nothing true about the reports you've received.

We have actually analyzed the reason behind the report of Disney buying land in Texas which will be discussed in the next section. We have also come up with the reasons to answer all of your questions relating to the issue. Everything you need to know is right below.

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How did this rumor start?

All of these rumors originally started when a satirical website Uncle Walt's clued about Disneyland moving to Texas about one and a half years ago. The headline of their article said that Disneyland is abandoning California and moving to Texas.

The news created hype all over the internet. All the Disney fans started spreading the news everywhere. But, what they didn't realize was that the website is satirical and the news was fake. This is how the rumor about Disney buying land in Texas began.

Why is Disneyland not relocating to Texas?

Ok! So you're saying that Disney is buying land to develop a third Walt Disney World theme park in Texas? Wait! Another theme park in the core of the United States' most populous state seems like a brilliant concept. But, to your despair, that's not possible.

Disney can neither relocate to Austin, Dallas, or any other city in Texas all of the sudden nor does the company is intended to do so. The Walt Disney Company has made no official statement to relocate the Disney World from California or Florida to Texas.

Some of the reasons behind this are probably;

No official statement by Disney

You can take it as an explanation or a piece of advice not to believe any source until the Walt Disney Company makes an official statement themselves.

In history, a North Texas community paid a large price for believing that the third Disney World or Disneyland Resort was being built nearby. A swindler named Thomas W. Lucas Jr. took advantage of the eagerness of the community members regarding the development of Disney resort in their area. He conned many investors but was later caught by the Texas police.

Lucas garnered more than $60 million from a number of different investors and community members from 2006 to 2010. He claimed that he had guaranteed inside information about a brand-new Disney resort coming to the area which he called Frontier Disney DFW. He said that the resort had been planned to contain many theme parks, an airport, restaurants, apartments, water parks, sports facilities, and a lot more.

Investment to be considered

Just think of the investment needed to build a whole new theme park of this large level from scratch. It does not only appear to not be making sense financially, but the whole process will also be a nuisance when the whole infrastructure and logistics are considered.

It's not just about buying land but buying some land in a whole new state. In addition to the cost of the land, the construction, the infrastructure, the settings, the themes, and the rides, all need to be set up. The lump-sum estimated is somewhere between 10 to 15 billion dollars.

Time required

The time span required to relocate Disneyland from California to Texas is not just feasible with the overall scenario. We estimated the time required for the arrangement of the logistics and for building the whole infrastructure of Disneyland from scratch. Honestly, it is not less than 5-6 years. A company as large as Disney would never take a risk of delaying for such a period of time when it's running just perfectly where it is.

Working with California Governor

Due to all the issues of taxes and stuff, some news began to surface that Disneyland had enough of California's constraints and had planned to relocate to Texas.

On the other side, Disney did not give any indication that they want to move their theme park to Texas. In fact, contrary to this, Walt Disney Company has been adamant about working with California Governor, Gavin Newsom.

The governor has stated that the state government is looking for a way to reopen the parks and resort hotels in Southern California after the pandemic. For this, he mentioned how efficiently Disney has managed to do so.

Purchases record

The Walt Disney Company has no record of any land purchase in Texas, where many other purchases have been in the records.

For example, we have confirmed through the Orange County records that the company has purchased more land near Magic Kingdom. This land, which is about 26.3 acres, is not distant from Reedy Lake. This land was bought by Celebration Company which is a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company.

Another land purchase has been done by Disney in Florida. According to the Orlando Business Journal, Dynamic Campus LLC, another subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, paid an amount of $46 million to buy nearly 60 acres of land in Lake Nona, Florida.


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