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Skateboarding is not just a sport; it's a way of life.

And what's better than a place created by skaters for skaters?

Imagine pushing the boundaries of your skateboard without the confines of traditional skate parks.

DIY skateparks have emerged as the epicenter of true skate culture, providing an authentic space for creativity and thrills on four wheels.

The beauty of DIY skateparks lies in their community spirit and the pure joy they bring to those who carve, grind, and air out on these concrete canvases.

Each park has a story, each ramp a labor of love, and here, you'll discover some of the best spots to drop in, directly from the skateboarding community itself.

Key Takeaways

  • DIY skateparks embody the heart of skate culture.
  • They provide a community-built space for skaters.
  • These spots offer creative freedom and a sense of belonging.

Table of Contents

Burnside Skatepark, Portland, Oregon

Have you ever rolled on a piece of underground skate history?

If not, add Burnside Skatepark to your bucket list.

Nestled under the east end of the Burnside Bridge in Portland, Oregon, this iconic skate spot sprang to life in 1990 and has been a centerpiece of the Pacific Northwest's skate culture since.

Did You Know?

  • Start Date: Halloween night of 1990
  • Size: Approximately 9,000 sq/ft of concrete
  • Legal Status: Started illegally but gained the city's approval

Burnside isn't your average skatepark.

It was built by skaters for skaters, which has given it an almost legendary status.

Imagine this: a group of friends, some concrete, and a dream, coming together to transform a neglected space into a buzzing hub of flip tricks and grinds.

Here's a quick snapshot:

Feature Description
Location Underneath the Burnside Bridge, Portland, OR
Size 9,000 square feet
Created on Halloween, 1990
Notable for DIY ethic, Community-built

Expect to see walls of vert ramps and bold graffiti as the decoration of this gritty, urban canvas.

The ramps and bowls are a testament to what a community can achieve with determination and passion—and a little bit of rule-bending until they're allowed to exist freely.

The park's not just for seasoned pros, though; regardless of your skill level, you're welcome here.

So, are you ready to drop in?

Just remember to bring your A-game and maybe a story or two to share with the locals – Burnside is about more than just skateboarding, it's about community and creativity that you can be a part of.

FDR Skatepark, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Have you heard about FDR Skatepark?

Nestled under an overpass in Philadelphia, PA, it's not just any patch of concrete; it's a hallowed ground for skaters.

This DIY wonderland sits at 1800 Pattison Ave, right beneath the hum and rattle of I-95, and pumps the heartbeat of Philly's skate culture.

Here's what's cool about FDR Skatepark:

  • Built by skaters, for skaters: It's been shaped and molded by the community, sprouting new features as the years roll by.
  • A wealth of history: Kicked off in 1994 as an effort to skate-safeguard nearby Love Park, it officially opened in 1996. Since then, it's been a skater's paradise, feeding the grassroots scene with its DIY ethic.
  • All are welcome: Whether you're aiming to show off your skills or just starting, FDR's concrete waves cater to everyone.

Operating Hours:

  • April to October: 6am - 9pm
  • November to March: 6am - 6pm
  • Remember, these hours are for car traffic; your wheels are welcome anytime.

It's a place where you can truly feel the DIY spirit.

Imagine tying a couple of bottle rockets to your board to light up the sky – though maybe stick to the ramps and leave the pyrotechnics at home, okay?

Want to visit or help out?

Slide into FDR Skatepark's scene.

They're driven by a non-profit motive, aiming to enrich the community, so every hand or donation helps.

Address: FDR Skatepark 1800 Pattison Ave Philadelphia, PA 19145

Washington Street Skatepark, San Diego, California

Have you heard about the Washington Street Skatepark?

Tucked under the bustling Pacific Highway in sunny San Diego is a skater's paradise built by the tenacity and passion of local skaters.

This isn't your typical, smooth-edged skatepark—it's gritty, it's raw, and it bears the marks of a community dedicated to their sport.

Picture this: you're skating under a freeway, surrounded by artwork and the heartbeat of a city overhead.

Imagine dropping into pools with authentic pool coping and gliding past tiles that tell a story of community effort.

That's Washington Street Skatepark for you — the place where pads and rules take a backseat to pure, unadulterated skating.

Here's the scoop on this iconic spot:

  • Location: Nestled right off Washington Street and near Pacific Highway, a stone's throw away from San Diego International Airport.
  • Features: You're looking at pool tiling, pool coping, and a treasure of challenges that will push even the seasoned skater's boundaries.
  • Vibe: This is DIY at its finest—built by skaters, for skaters. Friendly faces meet you at every corner, each with a story or trick to share.

And get this—entry is free.

No cost to you, just bring your board and your bravery.

The park is as unique as they come, maintained by those who ride its ramps and respect its rails.

Wear your scrapes like badges of honor; they're signs that you've embraced the true spirit of Washington Street.

No pads?

No problem.

It's all about the thrill of the ride and the freedom of the skate.

Remember, this isn't just a skatepark—it's a reminder of what you can build with a vision and elbow grease.

It's more than concrete and graffiti; it's a symbol of skater resilience and camaraderie.

So, when are you visiting?

Marginal Way Skatepark, Seattle, Washington

Have you heard about Marginal Way Skatepark?

Tucked under a bridge in Seattle, this DIY skatepark is a concrete paradise crafted by skaters, for skaters.

What started off as a few slabs of concrete by tenacious local volunteers has turned into one of the Emerald City's most beloved spots for shredding.

Location: 1 S Hanford St, Seattle, WA 98134


  • DIY Origin: Built and maintained by local skaters.
  • Community Vibe: Everyone is welcome, from beginners to pros.
  • Artistic Flair: Adorned with vibrant graffiti.

Remember the old days when skateboarding was all about community and creativity?

Marginal Way takes you a step back but with a modern twist.

It's well-kept, clean, and boasts an array of features suited for various skill levels.

You'll find ledges, ramps, and pools that challenge and excite.


You bet!

It's easy to reach with public transportation, including the SoDo light rail train and bus routes.

As you skateboard through the park, every ollie and grind feels a little more special knowing that this park was built by hands propelled by pure passion for the sport.

And hey, don't just take my word for it – the 5,224 fans on Facebook can't be wrong!

So, if a solid skate session is what you're after, Marginal Way Skatepark in Seattle should be on your list.

And who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to add your own touch to this ever-evolving, community-driven spot.

See you there?

Channel Street Skatepark, San Pedro, California

Have you ever dropped in on a bowl so smooth it feels like gliding on air?

Channel Street Skatepark might be right up your alley (or halfpipe) for that buttery experience.

Nestled under the 110 Harbor Freeway in San Pedro, California, it's a spot with heart, built and maintained by the very people who ride its ramps and rails.

  • Address: 610 W Channel St, San Pedro, CA 90731
  • Year Established: 2002
  • Status: Legally sanctioned DIY park

This isn't your average skatepark.

It's a canvas of concrete artistry, driven by the passion of the local skate community.

Since 2002, Channel Street has been the go-to for shredders of all ages.

Do you enjoy the charm of a local hotspot?

Here, you're likely to encounter folks who respect the space and even the occasional veteran skater in their 50s!

What makes Channel Street Skatepark exceptional?

  • DIY Ethos: Built by skaters, for skaters.
  • Community Spirit: Skaters are encouraged to keep it clean – don't forget to pick up your trash!
  • Open to All Ages: From groms to grandpas, everyone's welcome.

After being closed for seven years due to freeway repairs, this iconic DIY spot celebrated a grand re-opening in 2022, testament to its resilience and the determination of those who fought to save it.

Curious yet?

Stride in with your board under arm, a sense of adventure, and maybe find those rad-California skate vibes that only a place like Channel Street can offer.

Remember, skate at your own risk, but also revel in the shared thrill that such a community-powered project provides!

DIY Spot in Louisville, Kentucky

Have you been itching to grab your board and find a DIY Skate Spot that's nothing short of remarkable?

Look no further than Louisville, Kentucky!

Known for its thriving skate scene, Louisville is the proud location of an impeccably constructed DIY skatepark that's been featured in a Jenkem Magazine article.

What to Expect?

  • Community-built: This spot is a testament to skater ingenuity and collective effort.
  • Unique obstacles: From smooth transitions to creative ledges, every feature here promises a good time.

Imagine rolling down to a place where the features you skate are spawned from the creativity and hard work of fellow skaters.

It’s not just a skatepark; it's a patchwork of passion and dedication, pieced together with concrete and sweat.

Yes, you're in for a spectacular ride!


  • Bowl: Carve the deep end or practice your lines in the shallow part.
  • Rails and Ledges: Grind down various-sized rails or slide the ledges.
  • Flat Bar and Spine Ramps: Boost your skills with these versatile elements.
  • A-Frame: Perfect for honing those flip tricks.

Hours of Operation: Everyday: 7 AM - 9 PM

Don't forget to bring your DIY spirit along!

And remember, the park's evolution is in your hands.

Your tweaks and additions could make it the next viral sensation among DIY skate spots.

Grab your gear, maybe some concrete, and meet the locals who are shaping Louisville's skating legacy.

Ready to drop in?

New Orleans, Louisiana

Have you ever rolled on a piece of history?

If not, Parisite DIY Skatepark in New Orleans invites you to do just that.

Nestled near Paris Avenue, this one-of-a-kind park has something special: it’s built by skaters, for skaters—like you!

  • Established: 2012, by passionate volunteer skaters.
  • Location: At the intersection of Paris Avenue and Interstate 610.

Imagine a place where your wheels can glide on ramps, rails, and jumps crafted by the hands of those who ride them.

It’s the kind of spot where community thrives—people of all skill levels dropping in, from beginners getting their bearings to pros practicing their most audacious tricks.


  • Skater Built: A testament to DIY culture in the extreme sports community.
  • Safety First: A safe space, so you can push your limits without unnecessary risks.
  • Ladies Nights: Special events with live DJs, because everyone deserves a night to shine.
  • Inclusive: Open to all abilities and experience levels; it’s your passion that counts, not your skill set.

And guess what?

It started off unruly—unauthorized by the city—but now Parisite radiates as a beacon of coordination with local agencies.

This is more than a skatepark; it's a collaborative oasis where skaters, engineers, and city officials come together.

Engage with the park’s vibrant scene and you’ll quickly find out why Parisite is not just a place to skate—it's a movement.

  • Quick Mention: Don't forget to check out special events like the RBMG series!

With wheels under your feet and a community by your side, you're set for an epic ride.

Whether you're here to catch air, grind a ledge, or just chill with the crew, Parisite is your go-to hub in New Orleans.

Valley Center Skate Spot, California

Have you heard about the Valley Center Skate Spot?

It's your perfect go-to for an afternoon grind!

Tucked away in Valley Center, California, this DIY skatepark showcases the community's spirit through every quarterpipe and rail.

Here’s what the local skaters love:

  • DIY Charm: Built by the hands of those who ride it, this park is a labor of love.
  • Creative Features: From classic quarterpipes to inventive pole jams, the spirit of skateboarding innovation thrives here.
  • Location: Nestled behind the parks & rec building at 28246 Lilac Road, it's a secret haven for skate enthusiasts.

Skatepark Specs:

Feature Material Notes
Quarterpipes Concrete For soaring high
Rails Metal Perfect for sliding
Ledges Concrete Grind to your heart’s content
Spine Concrete Transition magic
Pool Coping Concrete Old-school vibe
DIY Element Community-crafted Fueled by passion

You'll find the Valley Center Skate Spot has a little something for every level, whether you're just starting or you've been skating for years.

But what's really cool about this place?

It's made by the very people you'll be sharing the deck with—making every visit feel just like coming home to your skate family.

Isn't it time you dropped in?

Shorty's Place, Santa Cruz, California

Have you heard about Shorty's Place?

Tucked away in Santa Cruz, this DIY skate spot is like a local legend whispered among skating enthusiasts.

Picture this: it's the '90s, skateboarding is hitting new peaks, and a tight-knit crew decides to transform a hidden corner into their paradise of pipes and pavement.

Fast forward to today, and this spot still holds its own with its original character.

What's the draw?

  • Tight transitions: Perfect for nailing those quick flips and sharp turns.
  • Creative obstacles: Every element challenges your skills and keeps the rides fresh.

Shorty's Place isn't one for the faint-hearted or those looking for expansive, smooth concrete parks.

It's for skaters who love a bit of grit and a challenge.

Who knows, you might even bump into some veteran local shredders who can share tales of epic spills and legendary kickflips.

When visiting, remember to respect the space; after all, it's built and maintained by a community of passionate skaters just like you.

There's no official address – it's a secret for a reason.

If you're lucky enough to stumble upon it or get invited by a local, you’re in for an authentic skating experience.

So, if you're up for an adventure, pack your board and keep your eyes peeled in Santa Cruz.

Maybe you'll be the next to carve up the legend of Shorty's Place.

Just keep it on the down-low, will ya?

Leeside Skatepark, Vancouver, Canada

Have you ever rolled through history on four wheels?

At Leeside Skatepark in Vancouver, you're not just kickflipping in any old park; you're part of a moving tribute.

Nestled beneath the Cassiar Street Connector near Hastings Street and Highway 1, this park stands as a remarkable legacy for Lee Matasi, a vibrant local skater and artist.

Why Leeside Stands Out:

  • Memorial: It's created in memory of Matasi who was tragically taken from the community in 2005.
  • DIY Spirit: The skate community poured their hearts into hand-building ramps and rails.
  • Indoor Haven: It's housed in an old railway tunnel, offering shelter from Vancouver's drizzly days.

Features You Can't Miss:

  • The park showcases a diverse mix of quarterpipes, banks, and jersey barriers.
  • There are approximately 12 hand-built obstacles, each with its own unique challenge.

You see, it's not just about the skateboard under your feet; it's about the community's heartbeat.

Leeside isn't a cookie-cutter skatepark—it's a gritty, gutsy monument to DIY passion where every nick and scratch in the concrete tells a story.

Whether you ollie, grind, or just appreciate the art of skateboarding, Leeside has a spot for you.

So, grab your board and be a part of Vancouver's enduring skate culture—where every trick is a tribute, and every rider keeps the DIY dream alive.


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