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Imagine your backyard blossoming not just with colors but with flavors.

Edible wildflowers can transform any garden into a tapestry of taste, and you're about to discover the finest meadows to make your culinary landscape dreams come true.

Curious about fancying up your salads and desserts?

Edible wildflower meadows bring a gourmet twist to your homegrown feasts.

Explore the world of delicious petals and leaves that are as easy on the palate as they are on the eyes.

Ever wondered if your garden could be more than just a feast for the eyes?

With edible wildflowers, your green space can become a source of novel flavors and nutrients.

We bring you reliable and practical advice on creating and harvesting your own edible flower meadows, so your dishes can blossom with a sprinkle of nature's own garnish.

Key Takeaways

  • Edible wildflowers add flavor and color to a variety of dishes.
  • A number of seed mixes are available for growing gourmet landscapes.
  • These flowers are an easy and nutritious option for home gardeners.

Table of Contents

American Meadows Edible Flower Seed Mix (USA)

Have you ever thought about jazzing up your meals with a sprinkle of nature's own confetti?

Well, let me introduce you to a delightful way to do just that with American Meadows' Edible Flower Seed Mix.

Imagine your garden turning into a tapestry of colors and flavors, and yes, all those beauties are for you to savor!

Let's dig into what makes this seed mix a gourmet gardener's dream:

  • Calendula: A peppery punch to perk up your plates.
  • Nasturtium: A zesty spark with its brilliant blossoms.
  • Borage: The cool cucumber-like taste for a refreshing twist.

What's more, American Meadows doesn't just give you seeds; they offer a canvas for your culinary creativity.

With a 5-pound bulk option, priced at $37.45 per pound, you're getting a whole lot of flavor for your buck.

And guess what?

Your taste buds can start dancing in just a few weeks after planting these annual wonders, with perennials coming back to grace your table year after year.

Are you ready to elevate your edible landscape?

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Order your seeds.
  2. Add to cart and await shipment within 24-48 business hours.
  3. Plant in spring or fall for optimal blooms.

Quick, convenient, and delicious—American Meadows makes it that easy.

So, what are you waiting for?

Transform your backyard into a treasure trove of tantalizing tastes today!

Johnny's Selected Seeds Edible Flower Mix (USA)

Have you ever thought of adding a splash of color to your garden that you can actually taste?

It's time to talk about Johnny's Selected Seeds Edible Flower Mix!

Imagine your garden transforming into a gourmet landscape where every petal provides a unique flavor experience.

What's in the mix?

Well, don't you worry!

Johnny's mix is brimming with varieties perfectly suited for the edible flower connoisseur.

We're talking about charming violas, vibrant marigolds, and delicate dianthus—just to name a few.

Each flower brings its own signature to your plate, visually and in terms of taste.

Aren't you eager to see your garden parties bloom with edible delights?

  • Violas: These little beauties add a sweet and mild flavor.
  • Marigolds: A citrusy zing that'll liven up any dish.
  • Dianthus: Slightly spicy and oh-so-pretty.

Remember, this isn't just about garnishes.

With Johnny's Edible Flower Mix, you can infuse teas, brighten up salads, and even create decadent desserts.

Plus, you'll be the talk of the town with your floral culinary creations!

And the best part?

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed—now that's a promise!

How to get started?

Starting your edible flower garden is a cinch.

Johnny's got you covered with instructions that are clear as day—no gardening jargon that'll leave you scratching your head.

You'll find the iconic knife and fork symbol next to their edible flower selections, making it super easy to know what's for dinner—literally!

Have we got your taste buds tingling and your green fingers itching yet?

These little seeds might just be the beginning of a delicious and picturesque journey through your very own gourmet landscape.

So, why not give it a try?

Your palate (and your Instagram!) will thank you.

Seed Savers Exchange Edible Flower Collection (USA)

Have you ever thought about munching on a flower?

No, not just for a dare, but actually incorporating beautiful blooms into your recipes?

At Seed Savers Exchange, they're way ahead of you with their delightful assortment of edible flower seeds.

Imagine your garden transforming into a vibrant gourmet meadow!

  • Chamomile: Fancy a cup of tea? Grow your own soothing chamomile.
  • Calendula: Not only does it dazzle in the dish with its golden petals, but it's also a treat for the skin.
  • Nasturtium: Add a peppery punch to your salads with these bright, trumpet-shaped flowers.

Each meal could turn into an art piece with these edible florals.

Plus, who could resist the bragging rights at your next garden party when you say, "I grew that in my own gourmet meadow, thank you very much!"

Seed Savers Exchange, a non-profit dedicated to preserving heirloom seeds, offers these seeds to make your culinary garden both beautiful and functional.

The seeds come with the promise of not only decorating your plate but also attracting pollinators to your garden.

A win-win, right?

Now, let's be real – these aren’t just any seeds.

They're a part of a mission to preserve plant diversity.

So, when you're sprinkling those calendula petals over your dish, you're literally tasting history!

Ready to give your garden the gourmet upgrade?

It's about more than just good looks; it's about flavor, history, and sustainability.

Go ahead, let your taste buds roam wild in a meadow of their own!

Botanical Interests Edible Flower Mix (USA)

Have you ever wondered how to spruce up your garden and your dinner plate at the same time?

Botanical Interests’ Edible Flower Mix might just be the colorful solution you’re looking for!

Imagine a garden that not only captivates the eyes with vibrant colors but also entices the taste buds.

Why choose an edible flower mix?

Well, apart from their eye-catching appeal, you’re getting a palette of flavors for your culinary experiments.

This mix includes delicious varieties like pansies, nasturtiums, and even sunflowers.

Yes, you heard that right – sunflowers!

Here’s what to expect from this gorgeous mix:

  • Hardiness: These flowers are a mix of annuals that bloom beautifully from late spring until the first fall frost.
  • Plant Size: They vary in height, typically between 6" and 30" tall, fitting perfectly in various garden spaces.
  • Sun Exposure: They love the spotlight! Full sun conditions help these beauties thrive.
  • Culinary Uses: Perfect for garnishing or adding a unique twist to salads and desserts.

And here’s the best part: You're not just creating a pretty space, but a habitat for pollinators.

Your garden will be buzzing with life, contributing to the ecosystem as these flowers attract friendly insects.

So, ready to turn your garden and meals into a feast for the senses?

With Botanical Interests’ Edible Flower Mix, you’re on your way to creating a gourmet landscape in your backyard.

Just sprinkle, grow, and enjoy the literal fruits (and flowers!) of your labor.

Horizon Herbs Culinary Herb and Edible Flower Mix (USA)

Ever thought about spicing up your garden with a bit more than the usual green?

Why not add some zest to your landscape and your dinners with Horizon Herbs' Culinary Herb and Edible Flower Mix, designed to flourish in the USA.

Imagine your very own gourmet meadow — sounds tempting, doesn't it?

Let's peek at what you can expect from this flavor-packed mix:

  • Anise Hyssop: Not just a pretty face, its licorice-scented leaves are amazing in teas!
  • Lemon Balm: Your desserts will never be the same once you introduce them to this zesty herb.
  • Calendula: Brighten up your salads with its sunny petals that boast a peppery kick.

And that’s just the start!

This mix is carefully curated to deliver a cascade of flavors throughout the growing season.

Here's why you'll adore it:

  • Diverse Selection: Each plant brings its own unique taste and aesthetic appeal.
  • Easy Growing: These herbs and flowers thrive in a variety of conditions across the USA.
  • Dual Purpose: Each variety is chosen for both their culinary assets and their ornamental beauty.

This means you can pluck a petal or a leaf, sprinkle it on your dish, and voila – you've instantly elevated your cuisine.

Plus, your meadow will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Ready to give your palate and garden an upgrade?

Horizon Herbs' blend is a simple and delightsome way to diversify your gardening and dining experience.

Blob of whipped cream on a wedge of shortbread, anyone?

Just toss on some edible petals and turn that snack into a statement!

Everwilde Farms Edible Flower Seed Mix (USA)

Have you ever thought about munching on your garden?

Well, with Everwilde Farms Edible Flower Seed Mix, you can!

This delightful mix is packed with a kaleidoscope of colors and flavors, courtesy of some of the most popular edible flowers.

What's in the mix?

  • Bachelor’s buttons: These blue beauties add a peppery zest.
  • Calendula: With a tang like saffron, their golden petals spice up your dish.
  • Nasturtiums: A punch of peppery flavor in vibrant hues of gold, orange, red, and yellow.

Imagine plucking flowers straight from your personal meadow to jazz up your salads, desserts, and even cocktails.

Can you say garden to table?

Everwilde Farms' selection is also a winner for those with limited space.

Nasturtiums, for instance, are the tiniest in this family, perfect for both your garden beds and hanging baskets.

Plus, they're kind on the beginners—green thumb or not, you'll have blooms to boast about.

And here's a comforting thought: Everwilde Farms seeds are all about the non-GMO and organic lifestyle.

You can rest easy knowing that your wildflower snacks are as pure as they come.

Quick Facts:

  • Packaging: Triple-layer Mylar Gold Foil for extended freshness.
  • Quantities: Available in different sizes for every garden's needs.
  • GMO-free: 100% natural seeds with no genetic tinkering.

Why not transform your backyard into a feast for the eyes and the palate?

With Everwilde Farms, you're not just a gardener, you're an eco-gourmet!

So, go on and sprinkle your meadows with taste and vitality — your future self (and your taste buds) will thank you.

Renee's Garden Edible Flowers (USA)

Ever dreamed of sprucing up your salads with a sprinkle of color or adding a touch of elegance to your desserts?

Well, Renee's Garden is your go-to for turning that dream into a blooming reality!

Picture nasturtiums, with their bright and peppery petals, bursting with both beauty and flavor.

You're not just jazzing up your garden; you're inviting an array of vibrant tastes to your table.

But why stop at nasturtiums?

Imagine the gentle orange of calendulas enhancing your soups with a hint of spice.

And let's not forget about the dainty violas.

These aren't just pretty faces in the garden; their mild sweetness makes them perfect for that stunning garnish on your lemon sorbets.

You've got to love how bees and butterflies are drawn to these floral delights.

Not only are you giving your dishes a gourmet twist, but you're also creating a lively haven for these essential pollinators.

It's like throwing a garden party and watching nature's guests show up in droves.

So, let's get growing, shall we?

With Renee's Garden, you're not just planting seeds; you're curating your very own edible art show!

Remember, it's not just about looks; these flowers are a feast for the palate too.

Got your trowel ready?

Your gourmet landscape awaits!

Select Seeds Edible Flower Mix (USA)

Hey there, green thumbs!

Are you ready to add some color and flavor to your garden?

A Select Seeds Edible Flower Mix is just what you need!

This vibrant selection of non-GMO seeds is perfect for painting your garden with a palette of tasty blooms.

Imagine plucking a marigold to sprinkle over your fresh salad or adding a peppery nasturtium to your gourmet sandwich.

And those calendulas?

They're not just a feast for the eyes, they bring a warm, spicy edge to your culinary creations.

What's in the mix, you ask?

Here's a snapshot:

  • Marigolds: Bright and citrusy, a real eye-catcher!
  • Nasturtiums: Spicy and colorful, they pop in your mouth as much as in your garden!
  • Calendulas: With their peppery kick, they'll spice up your meals!

Growing your own edible flowers isn't just a treat for your taste buds; it's a visual spectacle, too.

You'll get a colorful mix of flowers that are ideal for the kitchen garden—truly a gourmet landscape at your fingertips.

Packing some edible petals into your dishes is also a fantastic way to impress your friends and family.

They'll be amazed at how you've turned your garden into a culinary treasure trove.

So, how about it?

Are you ready to jazz up your garden with some edible delights?

With the Select Seeds Edible Flower Mix, your garden-to-table experience will be nothing short of extraordinary!

Go ahead, sow those seeds and watch your gourmet garden flourish!

Burpee Edible Flower Mix (USA)

Have you ever gazed at a garden and wished you could munch on those colorful blooms?

Well, you're in luck because Burpee's got your back with their Edible Flower Mix that's just perfect for your gourmet landscapes in the USA!

Imagine sprinkling vibrant petals on your salads, decorating your desserts, or even brightening up your cocktails.

Sounds tempting, doesn't it?

With Burpee's selection, you can grow a delightful blend of nasturtiums, calendulas, and violas—all safe and scrumptious to eat.

  • Nasturtiums: Peppery flavor, ideal for kicking up your salads.
  • Calendulas: Slightly bitter, they're the secret zest in your soups.
  • Violas: Sweet and mild, these beauties make desserts unforgettable.

But let’s talk specifics, shall we?

  • Full Sun Exposure: Your flowers will want plenty of sunlight to thrive.
  • 100% Non-GMO Seeds: No funny business here, only pure, natural growth.
  • Organic Coir Growing Medium: These seeds come with a touch of eco-friendly love.

Worried about your soil type?

Don’t be!

Burpee's mix is designed to flourish in most soil types, which means you don't need to be a pro gardener to get started.

These flowers don't just taste good, they do good!

Growing your own edible flowers means you know exactly what's going into your body—no mystery chemicals, just pure, delicious blossoms.

So, why not give your garden—and your taste buds—an upgrade with a burst of edible color?

High Mowing Organic Seeds Edible Flower Mix (USA)

Have you ever dreamed of a garden that's not only a feast for the eyes but also for the palate?

Well, planting an edible wildflower meadow with High Mowing Organic Seeds' Edible Flower Mix can make that dream a reality.

Organic and Non-GMO, these seeds are specially selected to flourish in organic conditions, giving you vigorous growth and a colorful, tasty harvest.

Imagine plucking petals from your own nasturtiums, with their peppery kick, or calendulas, which add a golden hue to your salads.

Plus, who can resist the charm of violas peeking out from a lush green canvas?

Not only are these flowers a gourmet treat, but they're also super easy to grow.

No need for a green thumb here!

What's in the mix?

Well, besides the joy of growing them, you'll get a variety of sizes, colors, and flavors to experiment with in your kitchen.

Think of the possibilities:

  • Salads with pops of color and unique flavors.
  • Garnishes for that extra special touch on your dishes.
  • Teas infused with floral notes for a soothing sip.

High Mowing Organic Seeds ensures that every seed you plant will be free of GMOs, and is regularly tested for germination rates.

That means you'll have a reliable sprout, and a garden teeming with life.

Whether you've got a sprawling yard or a modest balcony space, this mix is adaptable and ready to thrive.

Plus, with their commitment to quality and an experienced team, you're supported through every step of your wildflower journey.

So why not invite some natural beauty to your table?

After all, your garden should be as delicious as it is delightful!


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