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Just how big is 10 acres of land? Depending on what you want to use it for, 10 acres could be more space than you’ll ever need, or a perfect size to build on.

10 acres is 1/64 of a mile, or 435,600 square feet. A good way to visualize how much land is in 10 acres is that it would cover 7.5 football fields. Or it would be enough land for 180 large homes.

A 10 acre lot of land is a lot of space. You could fit nearly 8 football fields into it, so it’s probably more land than the average person is ever going to buy. An acre is an old term based on agricultural usage, related to how much land could be worked in a day. While modern acres aren’t defined by their usage, 10 acres would be a good amount of space for farming or small-scale ranching.

We’ve done a deep dive on the word “acre,” and spent a lot of time figuring out just how big 10 acres really is. Here’s what we found:

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Is 10 Acres A Lot of Land?

One acre is 1/640 of a mile. So, in one square mile, there are 640 acres. That makes an acre seem quite small, but for most people it’s actually a pretty big chunk of land.

Whether or not 10 acres is a lot of land for you really depends on what you’re going to use it for. If you’re building a house, an acre is plenty of land for a large home and a pretty good sized yard to go with it. So, 10 acres is, for most people, a huge amount of land. It’s more than enough for almost any purpose, unless you’re running a large ranch or farming operation, or building a housing development.

In fact, most people who buy this much land are planning on farming it or using it for small-scale, family-owned ranching.

How Big Is 10 Acres of Land?

10 acres is 1/64 of a mile, or 435,600 square feet. Here are some visual aids to help you see how big 10 acres is:

10 acres would be enough to fit 7.5 football fields, from endzone to endzone.

One acre holds about 156 parking spaces:

That means 10 acres would fit 1,560 parking spaces!

For tennis players, ten acre will hold 150 tennis courts:

One of the best ways to understand how big an acre is, is to see how many houses it will hold. One acre can fit 18 2400 square foot homes, with a bit of room to spare:

10 acres, therefore, would easily fit 180 homes of this size.

As you can see, ten acres is a lot of land. 2400 square feet is a large house, somewhat bigger than the average American home, which is about 2300 square feet as of 2019.

So, if you buy ten acres of land you’ll have all the space you could ever want.

How Many Acres In...?

New York City, including the water, covers 300,000 acres.

The Amazon Rainforest covers 1,359,079,598 acres, losing about 2 acres every minute to deforestation.

The gardens at Buckingham Palace cover 40 acres.

10 acres of wheat would produce 30,000 loaves of bread.

Americans eat 100 acres of pizza every day.


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