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As the family at the head of the well-known Duck Commander business and Duck Dynasty TV show, you might wonder how much land the Robertsons own.

While Phil and Kay Robertson are known for making and selling duck calls – as well as having traditional family values and serious money from their TV show and business, are they known for land ownership?

Phil and Kay Robertson own between 800 to 1,000 acres of land in Monroe County, Louisiana. The family actually lives on a smaller plot of 7.1 acres in a fairly recently purchased home, though they used to live in a trailer.

We'll explore what is known about what the Robertsons do with their land and what their kids have done with their land too. We'll dig into a bit of history about the show and where the money came from to purchase the land they own.

We've done lots of research on the Robertsons to know their current family state before and after their duck call business produced the show Duck Dynasty.

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How much land do the Robertsons own?

Let's start with Phil and Kay Robertson, the parents of the Robertson family and founders of Duck Commander – and in many ways, the stars of the reality show 'Duck Dynasty.”

The Robertsons are believed to own between 800 to 1,000 acres of land in Monroe County, Louisiana. Given the nature of the show, you probably aren't surprised to hear that Phil and Kay live in the 'backwoods' of Louisana, not at all far from water – and that when they purchased the land and home, Phil asked the realtor if the land floods. The realtor apparently didn't want to lie and said the property floods a lot. As a duck hunter and water enthusiast, Phil said “he didn't want the house unless it floods.”

Did they buy their land before or after Duck Dynasty?

It is worth noting that Phil and their family were successful before the show started. Phil and Kay actually bought the land in 2007, before the show started. They also bought another 21 acre piece of land for about $50,000 in the Ouachita River nearby later.

What kind of land do the Robertson's own?

Most of the land the Robertsons own involves duck blinds of hunting territory, not residential real estate. The home the Robertsons live in is actually relatively small compared to their net worth at around 2,500 square feet. While you might hear of celebrities living in exponentially larger homes than average with multiple guest rooms and more bathrooms than bedrooms, Phil and Kay only need 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The home is estimated to be worth about $220,000, though that doesn't include all the extra land and any garages, sheds, and other structure outside the house they own.

The show, and actual reality, show that the Robertson's live very simply for people with the amount of money they have made recently. Their furniture looks comfortable and not over the top, and most pictures of Phil show him wearing white shirts he likely bought at Walmart.

It's also worth noting that there are two homes on the Robertson estate with views of the river. You'll also notice that the Robertsons live on a fairly small home considering the size of their land. Though it is known that Phil grew up in poverty prior to developing his famous duck calls, it's unknown how much land he lived on prior to starting his business – though we are sure it isn't much.

What about the Robertson kids?

Willie Robertson, the oldest son and current CEO of Duck Commander, is living with a little more space. While his plot of land still reflects the Robertson's desire to live simply in nature at 11.42 acres, this house is a little bigger than Phil and Kay's – though that is probably reflective of his having 6 kids versus their four – though some have moved out. Willie's home has 5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms with nearly 8,000 square feet.

Willie's daughter Sadie is also a well known actress and outspoken personality. She lives in a large home as well though the acreage of her estate is not known.

How did the Robertson's acquire the land?

The Robertson's were well known in the hunting community for having developed and manufactured a superior kind of duck call. Some of their land purchases were from the money made from their own business, and others happened as the family grew and their television show started.

The family is also well known for their outspoken views on politics and Christianity. While the Robertson's show was canceled due to A&E's conflict with some of their religious views, they have been able to express themselves through other media channels which have also driven their popularity. Sadie briefly joined Dancing with the Stars. Willie campaigned for Donald Trump.

Realistically, the Robertson's views were incompatible with the A&E network audience, so their ratings began to dwindle once the family become more political.

We'll be honest: they are funny, have a good dynamic for TV, and have enormous beards, so they have that going for them too. They had what was at the time, the most popular reality TV show in history, in part because

A use for that land

Phil hasn't slowed down quite yet, in the last few years, he has moved his way into politics as an advocate for the National Rifle Association, and he campaigned for Presidential candidate Ted Crux for the 2016 election. Although the whole family is still in a bit of the public spotlight, they definitely take the time to hunt on their land as well as in other places.

Do the Robertson kids live near the parents?

Most of them do. Willie's daughter Sadie visits the Robertson home frequently and reportedly till lives in West Monroe. While the locations of all the kids are not readily found, their ability to follow or at least close to following the ambitions of their family is probably reflected in their location too.


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