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Imagine, the sun's out and your gym bag's ready.

Fancy a workout with a view?

As a fitness enthusiast, you know the thrill isn't just in the exercise; it's also where you do it.

Outdoor CrossFit gyms combine natural beauty with challenging workouts, offering a refreshing twist to your fitness routine.

CrossFit isn’t just a sport; it's a community and a lifestyle.

And there’s nothing like taking that passion outside, with gyms across the country opening their doors to the great outdoors.

You're smart to seek the best experiences, and we've done our homework to help you find them.

These chosen spots provide not just top-notch equipment and skilled coaching, but also an ambiance that revitalizes.

They promise more than a workout; they offer an adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Outdoor CrossFit gyms enhance workouts with natural settings.
  • Locations across the country offer unique fitness experiences.
  • Expertise and community focus make these gyms stand out.

Table of Contents

CrossFit Sanitas – Boulder, Colorado

Have you ever lifted weights while surrounded by the breathtaking Rockies?

At CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder, Colorado, you won't just boost your strength; you'll also get to breathe in the crisp mountain air.

Here's the scoop on what makes CrossFit Sanitas a local favorite:

  • Classes & Open Gym: With over 60 classes weekly, from dawn till dusk, you're sure to find a spot that fits your busy schedule.
  • Coaching: Their coaches are not just experienced—they're dedicated to making sure you reach your fitness goals.
  • Facilities: Aside from the outdoor training area with scenic vistas, you’ve got a spacious 10,000 square foot indoor facility at your disposal. Complete with locker rooms, you can freshen up after a sweaty session.

Accessibility is key, and CrossFit Sanitas knows it.

Located at the intersection of Canyon and Arapahoe, it's a breeze to get to whether you're biking, walking, or driving.


They have it all, from kettlebells to rowers, ensuring a full-body workout doesn’t miss a beat, or a muscle group!

And when you need a moment to unwind after all that lifting and squatting, the sauna or cold plunge has got your back.

Community Spirit isn't just a buzzword here; it's a commitment.

CrossFit Sanitas has embedded itself into the heart of Boulder, not only by sculpting healthier bodies but also by driving community initiatives and events.

Fun Fact: Did you know they were once voted the Best CrossFit Gym in Boulder?

That’s right, your muscles aren't the only thing growing; their trophy case is too!

So, ready to hit a workout with both grit and a view?

See you at CrossFit Sanitas—where fitness and the great outdoors meet!

Brick New York – New York City, New York

Have you been to a fitness spot that feels like family?

Well, Brick New York is your go-to not just for an intense workout but also that warm community vibe.

Nestled in the bustling streets of New York City, Brick New York isn't your average gym; it’s where you get to be a part of a bunch that's passionate about fitness.

Location & Atmosphere

  • Address: 465 Lexington Ave, New York, NY
  • Vibe: Upbeat urban CrossFit box with a family-like atmosphere

The Community Touch Imagine 8,740 fitness enthusiasts who've given this place a thumbs up on Facebook.

Yes, you read that right, and 31,619 have walked through its doors.

Each one can vouch for the community spirit and care you'll experience here.

Workout Outdoors!

Fitness with a view of NYC skyscrapers?

Brick New York offers an open-air workout space where you can do your squats and double-unders under the open sky.

They’ve perfectly blended the love for city life with the passion for fitness.


  • CrossFit
  • Yoga
  • Nutrition programs
  • Gymnastics

Reviews & Ratings: Curious about what others have to say?

Here's how Brick New York ranks:

  • Google: 4.7/5
  • Facebook: 4.6/5
  • Foursquare: 8.2/10

Remember those days you wished to break the monotony of indoor workouts?

This place is your answer.

Whether you're skeptical about CrossFit or a die-hard fan, Brick New York's professional coaches and top-notch programming will make sure you excel.

So, grab your workout gear and join the family at Brick New York — where fitness and the concrete jungle meet!

CrossFit Golden Gate – San Francisco, California

Have you ever dreamed of a workout with a view?

At CrossFit Golden Gate, you're not just getting a top-notch fitness experience; you're surrounded by the iconic San Francisco skyline.

With classes held outdoors, you can soak in the beauty of the Bay while you sweat.

Why choose this gym, you ask?

Here's the scoop:

  • Location: It's right there at 1946 Van Ness Avenue. That means easy access no matter where you're coming from in the city.
  • Contact: Ready to reach out? Dial up (415) 609-4002 or send an email to [email protected].

Services Offered:

  • Group Fitness Classes: Immerse yourself in the vibrant community spirit.
  • Private Training: Get that one-on-one attention to elevate your routine.
  • Strength and Conditioning: Targeted programs to boost your fitness game.

Their reputation?

Rock solid.

According to reviews, CrossFit Golden Gate is a haven for both beginners and CrossFit veterans.

The workouts?

They're scalable, meaning regardless of your age or fitness level, there's something for you.

Feeling social?

Find them on Facebook and be part of their 1,100+ followers.

It's not just a gym, it's a community, and the likes and check-ins are buzzing proof.

Quick Facts:

  • Facebook Followers: 1,103
  • Location Check-ins: 1,255

Now, imagine yourself getting stronger with every rep, the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance, and a cool breeze coming off the bay.

That's what CrossFit Golden Gate has in store for you.

Ready to lift, run, and jump into one of San Francisco's finest fitness experiences?

CrossFit Invictus – San Diego, California

Ever imagined lifting weights outdoors with the sound of California's palm trees rustling in the breeze?

At CrossFit Invictus in San Diego, this isn't just a daydream but your workout reality!

Picture yourself powering through your fitness routine under the bright blue skies of America's Finest City.

  1. Location:
  1. Downtown San Diego
  1. Hours:
  1. Monday-Thursday: 6AM-8PM
  2. Friday: 6AM-6:30PM
  3. Saturday: 7AM-11:30AM
  4. Sunday: Time to rest! – CLOSED
  1. Contact:
  1. Phone: 619-231-3000

Ready to mix up your fitness at a place that's more than your average gym?

Whether it's your first time stepping onto the mat or you're a seasoned CrossFit enthusiast, the variety and scalability of workouts here cater to all levels.

The coaches don't just know their stuff—they inspire a lifestyle that shouts wellness from every rooftop (or in this case, every lifting platform!).

Now, let's talk results.

Dropping body fat and gaining confidence is the name of the game.

And at Invictus, members have seen some remarkable transformations.

Just imagine where you could be a month from now!

So, you're not into the crowd?

No worries.

Private training is your ticket to personalized attention.

And before you even ask—yes, they've got group workouts.

You'll find camaraderie and a little friendly competition to spur you on.

After all, what's better than ending your session with a high-five under the San Diego sun?

Come see for yourself and redefine what fitness means to you at CrossFit Invictus.

Your next workout could be a breeze—literally!

Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach – Miami Beach, Florida

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts!

Have you ever longed to lift, squat, and jump under the sun-drenched skies of Miami?

Look no further than Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach.

Nestled in the heart of South Beach, this CrossFit box isn't just a gym—it's a community where the ocean breeze fuels your workout.

Location & Size:

  • Address: Centrally located on Alton Rd between 9th and 10th street.
  • Facility: Spans a generous 6,800 square feet, perfectly blending indoor and outdoor spaces.

Wondering what makes this gym tick?

It's more than just the location:

  • Versatile Programs: Tailored to suit any fitness level, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete.
  • Community Feel: With a passionate group of members, you're sure to find camaraderie and motivation.

What's on Offer?

Indoor Facilities Outdoor Area
State-of-the-art equipment Miami weather-friendly training spaces
Diverse CrossFit workouts
Experienced coaches

Experienced coaches

Can't wait to experience the vibrant atmosphere?

Join the fitness revolution in the sunshine with others who share your passion.

Remember, Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach is more than a workout spot; it's a place where fitness and fun coexist.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great, right?

So why not make it at a place where the Miami vibe is always alive?

Grab those sneakers, and let's hit the box!

CrossFit DC – Washington, D.C.

Are you itching for an invigorating workout session under the open skies?

CrossFit DC lets you absorb the energy of Washington, D.C., while you power through squats, lifts, and sprints.

Their outdoor classes cater to a wide range of fitness lovers, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned athlete, bringing the CrossFit community together beyond the gym walls.

  • Location: 1507 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009
  • Phone: 202-919-8601
  • Noteworthy: Pioneering as the first-ever CrossFit affiliate in D.C. since 2005.

Training Environment Experience workouts combining elements from:

  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Sprinting and rowing
  • Gymnastics
  • Powerlifting
  • Calisthenics

You're not just getting fit; you're becoming part of a close-knit community.

Connect with others who share your passion for fitness and the great outdoors, and watch your motivation skyrocket!

Expert Coaching With CrossFit DC, you’re under the wing of expert coaches.

They ensure your form is spot on and your spirits high.

Plus, every workout can be scaled to meet individual needs, guaranteeing that everyone gets the challenge they need.

Excited to lift weights under the watchful eyes of D.C.'s historic monuments?

Then CrossFit DC might just be your new fitness haven.

Imagine the Lincoln Memorial cheering you on during your final push-up or the Washington Monument overlooking your record-breaking deadlift.

It’s not just a workout; it’s an experience drenched in the iconic backdrop of the nation’s capital.

So, are you ready to turn the city into your personal fitness playground?

Grab those sneakers, and let’s meet at CrossFit DC.

You bring the energy; they’ll supply the rest!

CrossFit Fenway – Boston, Massachusetts

Fancy elevating your workout routine with a refreshing twist?

At CrossFit Fenway, you can boost your fitness levels under Boston's sky.

Whether you're just starting or are well on your fitness journey, this gym caters to all skill levels.

Impressively located at 100 Brookline Ave, CrossFit Fenway isn't your typical gym confined within walls.

Here's what they offer:

  • Outdoor Workouts: Embrace the sunshine or the crisp Boston breeze as you exercise.
  • Community Spirit: Surrounded by like-hearted fitness enthusiasts, you're part of a motivating crew.
  • World-Class Coaches: Whatever your fitness goals, expert guidance is right there with you.
Feature Details
Address 100 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA 02215
Contact (857) 239-9444
Classes Designed for all fitness levels
Atmosphere Fun, motivating, community-focused

Imagine the satisfaction after a rigorous session, the energy of the city fueling your resolve.

Got the power to take on those pull-ups against the backdrop of Fenway's energy?

There's something special about working out with the city pulse around you, isn't there?

So lace up your sneakers, grab that water bottle, and see how CrossFit Fenway can be the refreshing outdoor fitness adventure you’ve been craving.

Your next personal record might just be a breath of fresh air away!

CrossFit Downtown Atlanta – Atlanta, Georgia

Have you ever fancied lifting weights under the sun or doing squats with a view of the Atlanta skyline?

Well, CrossFit Downtown Atlanta is your go-to spot!

Nestled in the heart of Atlanta, this CrossFit gym takes the workout experience outdoors, engaging you not just with high-intensity workouts but also with the vibrant atmosphere of Atlanta's urban scene.

Here’s what it’s all about:

  • Location: 215B Chester Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA 30316
  • Contact: Phone at 404-702-0548
  • Community Focused: More than a gym, it's a community-builder.

This gym isn't your conventional workout space.

It’s a place where fitness and outdoor fun blend seamlessly.

Picture this: you, a set of barbells, the open sky, and a group of like-minded folks who're there to push their limits, breathe in the fresh air, and maybe even share a laugh or two.

Workouts at CrossFit Downtown Atlanta:

  • Varied & Functional: Expect to tackle a mix of functional movements in a Workout of the Day (WOD).
  • Inclusive: They've got your back whether you're 16 or 60, newbie or seasoned athlete.

Now, let’s talk about getting strong and healthy within this health-driven enclave.

What's fantastic about taking your workout outside?

You get to challenge your body with natural elements, add an extra zest to your routine, and hey, who wouldn't love to escape the confines of four walls?

So, if you're in Atlanta and keen to spice up your fitness regime, why not head over to CrossFit Downtown Atlanta?

Your body (and maybe your Instagram) will thank you for it!

Keep in mind, every rep you do is shaping not just your muscles but the community too.

Ready to get fit in the great outdoors?

CrossFit South Brooklyn – Brooklyn, New York

Have you ever craved a fitness regimen that's fun, outdoors, and brimming with a sense of togetherness?

Look no further than CrossFit South Brooklyn.

Picture yourself under the Brooklyn sky, lifting, running, and sweating alongside a community of folks who are all there to support and push each other every step of the way.

  • Established: 2007
  • Likes on Facebook: 4,920
  • Instagram Followers: 8,838
  • Location: Brooklyn, New York

CrossFit South Brooklyn isn't your everyday gym.


Because whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting, you'll find a welcome atmosphere with no room for toxic competitiveness.

Instead, it's all about the healthy excitement for every member and every workout.

  • Training Services: Professional and inclusive
  • Specialties: Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Pilates, Yoga, Active Recovery, Open Gym

Contact: Ready for a personal challenge?

Drop a line or call 718-852-3725 during their front desk hours.

And yes, those doors are open wide starting bright and early!

  1. Front Desk Hours:
  1. Mon-Thur: 6:15am—8:30pm
  2. Fri: 6:15am—7:30pm
  3. Sat/Sun: 8:15am—1pm

Looking for more reasons to check out CrossFit South Brooklyn?

They've been building strength, conditioning, and a tight-knit community since 2007, proof that they're more than just a gym — they're a Starting Strength Gym that thrives on lifting people up, both literally and figuratively.

So grab your workout gear, and don't be shy to give them a try — with a stellar reputation and a heart for community, you'll find your fitness home under the open Brooklyn sky.

CrossFit Roots – Boulder, Colorado

Have you ever lifted weights under the open sky or done pull-ups while gazing at the mountains?

At CrossFit Roots, you get to train in the vibrant atmosphere of Boulder, Colorado, with an outdoor gym space that lets you soak in the scenic views.

Imagine doing burpees with the fresh Colorado air in your lungs – it's a game changer, right?

  • Location: Central Boulder, CO
  • Programs: Suitable for ages 10 to 100
  • Community: Tight-knit group of fitness enthusiasts

CrossFit Roots isn't just any gym.

They take pride in preparing you for life's physical challenges with varied, functional movements.

You're looked after by skilled staff who ensure you're well warmed up, practicing proper techniques, and scaling workouts to fit you.

Why Choose CrossFit Roots?

  • Small Classes: Personal attention to form and function.
  • Skilled Coaches: They're passionate, certified, and ready to help.
  • Community Support: Fellow athletes who motivate and inspire.

In Boulder, CrossFit Roots has made quite a name for itself.

Founded in 2009, what began in a tiny garage has bloomed into a state-of-the-art, 9,800 square-foot facility.

They've recently been crowned the best CrossFit gym in Boulder, as voted in the Colorado Daily's 2021 CU & Boulder's Best Awards.


  • Address: Boulder, CO 80301
  • Contact: (303) 578-8455

Whether you're in it for lifelong fitness, cross-training for a sport, or competitive CrossFit, Roots has got your back.

Joining here means becoming part of a family that values hard work and embraces the power of community.

Ready to give it a try?

Your journey to fitness amidst Boulder's natural beauty starts here at CrossFit Roots.


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