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Florida is one of the best states to work and stay. So, is it worth owning land in Florida? We have the answers.

Is it worth owning land in Florida? What are the pros and cons of investing in land in Florida? What are the factors that influence the buying of land in Florida?

The benefits of buying and investing in land in Florida are:

  • No income tax payment
  • Better investment returns
  • Future alternatives for developing the land
  • And less competition for land

The cons include:

  • High cost of insurance
  • Environmental changes
  • Flooding zones
  • Zonal conflicts

This article will examine whether owning land in Florida is worth it and its pros and cons. It will also cover the factors you need to consider before buying land. So, if you are planning to start a real estate project or to buy land for settlement and you are wondering whether Florida is a suitable place, then this article will guide you on these.

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The first communities that occupied Florida were the Native Americans, such as the Cherokee, Timucuan, Guale, Yamasee, tocobayo, and creek. They were hunters and gatherers. They settled in good places around Florida where to get the food and the raw materials they needed to make tools and weapons.

In 1516, the Spanish settled in Florida, led by Spaniards. He named the place peninsula Florida deriving the name from flowers. However, in 1521, Spaniard decided to go to another place, and then he came back to Florida with some settlers who were disserted because the natives were aggressive towards them.

In 1562, the French decided to go to Florida, where they settled at a place called fort Caroline. However, the Spanish community attacked the French men, only leaving the children and women to stay with them. Later on, the French managed to take revenge on the Spanish people, where most of their soldiers were killed. In the same year, Spaniards explored Florida and found accommodation at St. Augustine, the first permanent European settlement. In 1586, the English people managed to attack St. Augustine, led by Francis Drake.

In Florida, there are people of different tribes and cultures, the annual weather is always warm, and there is easy access to a coastline. Additionally, there are available jobs in the service industry and enough space for outdoor sports and entertainment. Therefore, is it worth buying land in Florida? To give this answer, let us look at the pros and cons.

The pros of owning land in Florida

Land investment in Florida is greatly beneficial whether you buy land for settlement or want to start a real estate project. Due to low competition for land purchase, buying land is cheap and affordable. Having said that, we can look at the pros of owning land in Florida.

Low cost and maintenance

The cost of buying land in Florida is low, and you can pay through installments until you finish the payment. You have others options of taking a loan to buy land, then leasing the land and using the amount to pay the loan back where you might make profits too. When you own the land, the maintenance cost is low because the only thing you need to maintain is the plant growth and removal of other debris, which is not expensive. Additionally, buying unoccupied land has a low cost of maintenance because issues related to destruction are few or none at all.

Competition for land

There is a low demand for buying land, and thus, the competition is minimal. It gives you a chance to negotiate with the land seller where you can quote an amount that you think is suitable and affordable. Land investors and developers tend to buy land firsthand and then wait for a certain period to sell the land at a higher rate. Therefore, you should ensure that you buy the land earlier to avoid paying extra cash.

Future options for investment

You have an option of buying land and making use of it later on in Florida. You do not have to go live in Florida to own land there. The waiting period gives you time to decide how to put the land to use. According to zoning laws, you have the right to regularly monitor your land if you live far away from it. You can also take your recreational vehicle to go and live on the land. You can choose to lease the land, sell the land, stay with the land for some time and then sell it and you can farm on the land and sell the product to make profits, among other forms of investments.

Income tax

The benefit of buying land in Florida is that you do not have to pay an income tax. If you consider investing in the real estate sector, you can save a lot of extra cash after buying land. Additionally, buying vacant land in Florida has tax benefits as you continue making land improvements, such as making a fence and a road path to access your land parcel. The only tax you will pay is the sales and property tax. Before you buy land, make sure that you are familiar with the different tax policies that will guide you on the type of taxes you should pay.

Safe investment

Buying land in Florida is a safe investment. Most of the time, land increases its value, making it possible to sell it for a higher price than the amount you used to buy it. Additionally, land does not degenerate or wear out like a home property. Land maintains its physical status and is less expensive to buy. Therefore, it assures you that land is a safe and secure form of investment.

Portfolio diversification

For real estate investors, owning lands in Florida will help to diversify your portfolio. Marketing these investments to the public will maximize high profits when clients start to buy these properties. In Florida, most communities are retired people who like investing in affordable home properties. Therefore, owning land in Florida for real estate investing can profit you if you want to be a real estate investor.

The cons of owning land in Florida

Owning land in Florida has got a lot of benefits to landowners, real estate investors, and land developers, who get the opportunity to utilize the lands and make profits. However, there are setbacks you can face when buying land. Here are the setbacks of owning land in Florida.

Flood zones

Some of the lands, especially at the coastline, may flood during a particular season or due to hurricanes and tornadoes, making them unsuitable for buying. Therefore, when the land is flooded, you cannot use it for a given period until the flooding is over. It will increase the cost of expenses because you have to use your cash to continue paying the property taxes and the cost of maintenance.

The use of permits

Whether you want to use your land for commercial or residential purposes, the schedule to get your activity approved might be time-consuming. The development activity should be approved by the township, the federal law agency, and the zoning laws authority before you start the activity. At the same time, you will still be paying for land maintenance and other taxes such as sales and property tax. Therefore, it is crucial to apply for a permit at the township center in Florida to avoid time wastage.

Choice of land

The greatest challenge of buying land in Florida is the choice of land. If you rush into buying land without checking whether it will meet your need, there are some consequences you will face. You may end up buying land that cannot be fit to do your planned activities. Before buying land in Florida, make sure you know who the land owner is, measure and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of owning that land and the activity you can use the land for. Some other factors that you need to consider include;

Land debt

Buying land without precise monitoring and investigation can make you pay someone else's debt, thus increasing your expenses. Therefore, before buying land, ensure you know the land owner and confirm that the land is clear from back taxes and other debts. It will help you save on cash you have used to pay for situations you never took part in. additionally, make sure you inspect documents such as title deeds to confirm that they are valid.

Zoning Rules and Regulations

Zoning rules and regulations guide you on how you can put your land to use. It includes activities such as building and construction, farming, and real estate investing. Before buying land in Florida, ensure that you are familiar with the zones regulations and restrictions to ensure that the land you are buying is used according to the laws. A land seller can take you through the zoning regulations. However, the best solution is to contact the zoning department to get more information about the zoning laws to avoid restrictions.

Presence or Absence of Utilities

Buying land without inspecting the presence of utilities will cost you more cash to install them. Therefore, you need to ensure that the land you buy can easily access utilities such as water and electricity. These utilities play an essential role in providing you with the raw materials needed to start a project. For instance, when you want to farm on your land, you have to ensure that the water supply is enough to satisfy the growth of these plants. A land that has no utilities can be costly to maintain.

Access to the land

In Florida, buying land in the rural areas is considered cheap and of suitable benefit, especially to people who want to farm. However, it would be best if you inspected whether the land is accessible through roads to avoid trespassing other people's land or properties for you to get to your land. Additionally, you can request the land seller to give you directions and coordinates that help you confirm the land physically, or you can also use GPS to track down the area.

The right to Minerals and other resources

Although this is not frequent, minerals and other natural resources in Florida are owned discretely from the land. To confirm whether you have the right to use these resources, you need to confirm with the land seller the mineral rights and if you are allowed to utilize them.

Condition of the land

You have to ensure that the ground structure and soil will be able to handle the kind of project you want to initiate. For instance, when you consider constructing buildings on your land, you need to ensure that the foundation structure is strong enough to handle the pressure of a building. You can do this by hiring an expert to determine if the land is fit for construction. If the land is not fit for construction, you can choose another one instead of wasting money on land that might fail you.

Plans for Future Development

Before you buy land in Florida, you should consider the potential of that area to place to development. The future development plans can appreciate or depreciate depending on the location of the land. For instance, if you buy land in a place where there will be no access to roads in the future, the value of your land will depreciate, and you will have to sell the land at a loss. Whereas when you decide to buy land in an area where you will be able to access markets, schools, and roads in the future, the value of your land will appreciate, and you can make a profit by selling it.

Wrapping it Up

Florida is a suitable place to own land due to the low and affordable cost, whether you are a land owner, a real estate investor, or a land developer. However, rushing to buy land has a lot of consequences, and to avoid this, you need to understand the considerations we have discussed before buying land. Buying land ensures that it will give you positive returns and maximize your profits. Additionally, buying land so that you can build a house to live in is cheaper than buying a home property.


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