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Is it a sound investment to own land in Kansas? Having accurate information is crucial to making a good decision.

Deciding to invest in land is a great thing. However, finding the correct information to guide you is, in most cases, challenging. This is mainly because most of the information available is either unreliable or outdated. The fact that you are here reading this guide means you are looking for reliable and accurate information about owning land in Kansas. So, is owning land in Kansas worth it?

Owning land in Kansas can be an excellent investment for most people. For one, the land is affordable and is good for agriculture. Despite all the advantages of owning land in Kansas, the area is prone to tornadoes, and the tax rates are quite high.

We, and most certainly you, understand that before deciding to invest in owning land in Kansas, you need to understand the city and the land market as much as you can. The most efficient way of doing this is looking at various aspects, as pros or cons, of buying land in the city. Doing this will help you make a decision you can be confident and happy about.

To make it easier for you to make the right decision, we did a lot of research on the topic. We reached out to a few land and real estate experts. The experts were helpful in answering some of the most complex and challenging questions. They also gave insights on some of the factors to consider and how they might affect the decision of owning land in Kansas for any prospective buyer.

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Pros of Owning Land in Kansas

Before investing in land, you need to determine what factors may affect your investment. These factors and how they impact your investment can be positive or negative. The pros below make it more appealing to own land in Kansas.

Land in Kansas Is Affordable

Absolutely. Considering that some cities like New Jersey will require you to part with up to $200,000 for an acre of land, Kansas land is affordable. Generally, you can expect to pay around $4,000 per acre.

However, you should note that other lands have a lower price tag because they have far fewer population numbers and densities. Also, you can expect to pay a little more if you want to own land that is closer to urban areas or prime land.

With the above price per acreage of land, owning land in Kansas is not just for the wealthy but for everyone.

You Can Own Free Land in Kansas

The local governments in Kansas actively donate land for people to use for homesteading or small-scale agriculture. Ultimately, they hope to develop a farming industry that will attract more people to the city while increasing the number of jobs available.

Owning free land is one of the best ways to acquire acreage in Kansas because it won't cost you as it would buying. This gives individuals, especially farmers and ranchers, an opportunity to start their farms without the outlay needed to purchase large tracts of land.

Land in Kansas Is Good For Agriculture

Agriculture is a big part of Kansas's strength. Topeka Daily Capital said that "in wheat, Kansas can be the best in the world"; this was way back in 1888. True to its name, Kansas is the state that makes the most wheat in the US. Kansas made 9.89 billion bushels of wheat from 1992 to 2019.

In Kansas, wheat is essential, so you'd think it was also the most important cash crop. While the total value of wheat grain from Kansas was $1.17 billion in 2017, the gross value of corn in the same state was $2.3 billion, and cattle was $10.9 billion.

So even though Kansas has more wheat than the rest of the US, you can't just think of Kansas as the wheat state. Kansas is indeed a very flexible state that allows you to do a lot of different kinds of farming. Owning land in Kansas can be a good investment, especially if you intend to use it for agriculture.

Land in Kansas Is Good For Hunting Enthusiasts

You're in luck if you're looking to buy land in Kansas to do some hunting. Kansas has become a breeding environment for some of the finest deer hunting in the nation, thanks to its enormous agricultural lands.

When you combine this with high turkey numbers and decent duck hunting, you get a genuinely great state to purchase a property if hunting is a factor for consideration.

Land In Kansas Is Good for Outdoor Recreational Activities

One of the nicest benefits of buying your property is the flexibility to do what you desire. With your plot of land in Kansas, the recreation opportunities are unlimited.

Among the more favorite activities you can do with the rural property are:


If there is one thing about purchasing land in Kansas that everyone likes, it's the space it affords you. Kansas is mainly flat and open, allowing you to do anything you wish on the property genuinely.

From dirt bikes to a bow range, having your acreage will enable you to do whatever you want.


Who doesn't adore riding four-wheelers or dirt bikes? With the flat landscape of Kansas and all the open space, riding on an ATV is an option. Something that is not generally achievable in a suburban environment.


Utilizing your land for camping is a terrific way to spend time outside with your loved ones. It can offer an inexpensive alternative to erecting a permanent structure; camping on your land is a simple way to put your property to use.


Home to gorgeous landscape, hiking and soaking in the views is something unique that Kansas has to offer.

Kansas Is a Good Place to Settle Down

If you plan to buy land and build your home, Kansas can offer a few advantages. These may include;

Cheap Cost of Living

Unlike major urban cities, the cost of living in Kansas is low. It is one of the most affordable states to live in. For example, the cost of groceries is about 7% under the national average. Also, the cost of owning and maintaining a car is 20% below that of the national average.

Stress-free Commutes and Partial Urbanization

In the Kansas City metro area, most commutes are under 25 minutes. Kansas City has the 5th shortest commute in the country for its size. It takes about 20 minutes to get downtown from the Kansas City metro area. While the public transport system is not the greatest, it is not that bad either.  Overall, commuting is quicker when you compare it to most major cities.

Good Food

Kansas City has immense food truck growth and solid entrepreneurial culture. Surprisingly, Lebanese food is one of the most popular. Food trucks make it easy to get a bite to eat. Their pricing is also reasonably affordable, allowing you to try a range of cuisines.

Others include:

  • An excellent job market to find employment.
  • Enjoying all four seasons in a year.
  • A variety of recreational activities for fun.

Cons of Owning Land and Living In Kansas

Like anywhere else, Kansas has some cons to it. These are things a majority of people consider negative when they consider owning land in Kansa or living there;

High Tax Rates

Despite it being a Republican state, Kansas tax rates are considerably high. Two income tax brackets will apply to you when you move to Kansas.

The state will take 2.7% from the first $15,000 of income you make and then 4.6% from the rest. You both pay the same rate when you marry someone, but the rate brackets are double.


Kansas is in tornado alley, so it's a good idea to have a storm shelter in your home that you can use if you need it. If you're in the middle of an F5 tornado, sitting in a bathtub or a small room can not help. Since 1996, at least 60 twisters have been in the state. One of the worst years on record: in 2008 There were 11 EF3 or bigger tornadoes that hit the state.

In 2019, there were 12 days in a row where at least 8 storms hit across the central plains. When you live or own land in Kansas, you'll need to keep an eye on the news for warnings about dangerous storms.

Some Amenities are Relatively Far Away

Since the population is sparse, you'll have to go a long way for many normal services in Kansas. Unless you live or plan to buy land in Wichita or Kansas City, you'll have to drive 2-3 hours to a movie theater or a nice restaurant.

Otherwise, you'll have to settle with the small selection of restaurants in your area.

Other Cons

Other cons of living or owning land in Kansas include:

  • Outside of the city, there is no public transportation at all. To the surprise of many, Kansas City lacks any mode of mass transit. For the vast majority of people, they'll need to buy a vehicle.
  • Even though Kansas City has four different seasons, the city's winters and summers may also be challenging. Winter may be mild and enjoyable or as severe as a tundra, depending on the weather. You'll have to deal with the same kind of temperatures during summer except on the other end of the scale.


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