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Bamboo’s versatility is no secret, thriving in the realm of sustainable design and functional use.

Who knew this remarkable grass, not a tree, could reach such towering heights and regrow at lightning speed?

Its myriad of applications is drawing the attention of both artists and commercial growers alike.

Bamboo groves aren't just beautiful; they're goldmines of opportunity for artistic and commercial endeavors.

Let's say you're looking to tap into the potential of bamboo, whether for creating art or for agricultural pursuits.

How do you know which groves are up to the task?

Well, that's where we come in, leading you through an exploration of specialty bamboo groves that are perfect for both artistic creation and commercial use.

You want someone to cut through the noise and give you the hard facts, right?

If you’re keen on embracing bamboo for your next project or business venture, you'll appreciate the expertise we've gathered.

Trust us, as we guide you through a curated selection of bamboo groves famed for inspiring artists and bolstering green businesses.

Key Takeaways

  • Bamboo serves diverse artistic and commercial applications.
  • Select groves offer the ideal bamboo varieties for specific uses.
  • Expert insights ensure you select the right bamboo source for your needs.

Table of Contents

Bamboo Garden, North Plains, OR

Have you ever found yourself dreaming of a lush, green oasis filled with the most exotic bamboos?

Well, let's take a virtual stroll through Bamboo Garden in North Plains, Oregon.

Picture this place: over 300 varieties of bamboo spread across a sprawling 20-acre farm near Portland—it's pretty much a bamboo enthusiast's paradise!

Now, are you in search of something unique for your backyard or maybe a grand species to make a statement in a commercial space?

Bamboo Garden has you covered.

They're renowned for their hardy clumping bamboo and giant timber bamboos that are perfect for creating an elegant, towering privacy screen or a serene garden retreat.

Here's a little insider's scoop:

  • Friendly Experts: Their staff are well-versed in all things bamboo. Got questions? Give them a call!
  • Visits and Calls: Feel the need to touch and feel the bamboo before you decide? Visitors are welcome! Or just a call away at (503) 647-2700.
  • Diverse Collection: With the most diverse bamboo collection in the United States, you're sure to find the perfect flora for your needs.

And hey, if you're thinking of bamboo for your next art project or landscaping masterpiece, remember that Bamboo Garden isn't just a nursery.

It's a place where each bamboo plant is a piece of art, waiting to complement your creative vision.

So, why not dial them up or drop by?

Your perfect bamboo match might just be one visit away!

Bamboo Giant Nursery, Aptos, CA

Have you ever wandered through a peaceful bamboo forest, right here in the States?

Well, you're in luck!

At Bamboo Giant Nursery in Aptos, California, you can stroll through a massive sanctuary dedicated to these elegant plants.

Picture yourself walking along pathways surrounded by towering bamboo—it's like a slice of China in your backyard!

  1. Size: 15+ acres of bamboo
  2. Varieties: Over 80 species!
  3. Offerings:
  1. Privacy hedges
  2. Landscaping solutions
  3. Commercial applications

Can you believe you’ll find one of North America's largest timber bamboo displays nestled in the hills of Aptos?

Whether you're a homeowner looking to add a natural privacy screen or a designer searching for the perfect green touch, Bamboo Giant has got you covered.

With nearly 20 acres bursting with bamboo, their expertise is unparalleled.

  1. Services:
  1. Full-service retail nursery
  2. Licensed landscape contracting
  3. Design consultations

Bonus: Bamboo isn't just for yards; it can bring life to indoor spaces too.

You can snag a potted bamboo plant for that empty office corner or a cozy nook at home.

Need help deciding?

The friendly team at Bamboo Giant is always ready to assist you in selecting the perfect bamboo for your space, be it running or clumping varieties.

So why not make a day of it?

Navigate to 5601 Freedom Blvd, drop by, and start your bamboo adventure.

Your green thumb will thank you!

Florida Grown Specialties, INC, Homestead, FL

Did you know that nestled in Homestead, FL, Florida Grown Specialties, INC is pioneering in the bamboo industry?

Yep, that's right!

They're setting standards with their dedication to bamboo crop farming.

Imagine over 100,000 commercial asper plants, commonly known as Dendrocalamus Asper, ready to be fielded.

That’s not all.

Here's what they have on their bamboo menu:

  • Dendrocalamus Asper: Ideal for sturdy construction purposes.
  • Bambusa Old Hamii: A fantastic choice for those aesthetically pleasing garden landscapes.

You won't get just a plant; you’ll get the full manual!

Detailed care instructions for each species ensure that your green friends thrive.

Say you're interested in sustainable farming or the artsy side of bamboo – thinking about sculptures or decorative pieces, perhaps?

Florida Grown Specialties, Inc has got your back with both.

Their groves are a treasure trove for commercial and artistic bamboo uses.

They are the big guns in the bamboo industry with their connection to Phillip Rucks Citrus Nursery, renowned for their impressive experience.

Check this—they are known to propagate one million trees annually!

And if you are wondering about their reach, they’re the largest screened commercial citrus nursery in the US.

Here are a few more stats that might tickle your fancy:

  • Commercial Asper Bamboo: Ready to pioneer in an untapped market.
  • Empowering Farmers: Part of the American Bamboo Farmers Alliance.

Curiosity piqued?

You can become part of this green empire!

Whether it's your entrepreneurial spirit or love for the environment, Florida Grown Specialties is worth a visit.

Bamboo Sourcery, Sebastopol, CA

Ever heard of a bamboo paradise?

Well, let me take you on a little virtual excursion to Bamboo Sourcery, nestled in the scenic hills of Sebastopol, California.

Imagine stepping into a place with over 300 species of bamboo, each patiently waiting to inspire your next garden project or artistic endeavor.

Sounds pretty neat, right?

Did you know that Bamboo Sourcery is more than just a nursery?

It's a place brimming with 35 years of dedicated experience and knowledge about all things bamboo.

Whether you're an avid gardener, an artist looking for that perfect bamboo pole, or a commercial landscaper seeking to transform a space, they've got you covered.

Here's what you'll find:

  • Bamboo Plants: Perfect for privacy screens or adding that lush, green touch.
  • Poles & Artistic Projects: The sturdier stuff for your building and crafting needs.
  • Demonstration Gardens: Over 7.5 acres of mature bamboo groves to explore and get inspired by.

Now, you might be asking, "But how do I choose the right bamboo?" Don't worry!

The folks at Bamboo Sourcery are absolute wizards when it comes to matching you with your ideal bamboo buddy.

And if you're in the SF Bay Area, consider yourself lucky because you've got this gem right in your backyard.

Here's a quick summary:

What to Expect Details
Varieties 300+ species from around the world
Experience 35+ years of growing and caring for bamboo
Location Sebastopol, California
Services Plants for landscaping, construction, and art

So, pop in between 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and who knows, you might just leave with the bamboo of your dreams!

Bamboo Farming USA, Various Locations

Hey there, did you know bamboo farming is sprouting up all over the US?

It's true!

As an avid fan of sustainable practices, let me walk you through the growth of bamboo farming across the nation.

You might be asking, why bamboo?

Well, it's pretty simple.

Bamboo is a superhero of the plant world—fast-growing, versatile, and super eco-friendly.

It's no wonder that farmers are harvesting bamboo for a bounty of uses, from fence-building to crafting beautiful art.

In Hawkinsville, Georgia, folks at Bamboo Farming USA are nurturing their groves with care, living and breathing bamboo every day.

They’re not just growing the plants; they’re sharing their journey and insights, encouraging you to get hands-on.

Heading down to Florida, Mixon Farms took a bold step around seven years back.

Citrus groves were under siege by pests and diseases, and with the climate doing a tango, they pivoted to bamboo.

Fast forward, and their eight acres of bamboo stand tall as a testament to agricultural adaptability.

Here's a fun fact for you party planners and festival go-ers: those green bamboo poles that add a touch of elegance?

They’re sprouting right from American soil!

And when it's time to get serious with construction or artistic projects, those dried bamboo poles are saving the day.

Now, let me tell you, this isn't just a trend.

With the US being a significant bamboo product importer, domestic farming meets that demand head-on.

And guess what?

With the right care, bamboo can shoot up to be quite the profitable gig.

So whether you’re a green thumb looking to venture into new territory, or you're curious about sustainable farming, it's clear that the US bamboo industry is one robust shoot that’s here to stay.

Interested in joining the bamboo revolution?

There's room for you too!

Bamboo Garden Nursery, Escondido, CA

Have you ever wanted your own little slice of paradise?

Well, look no further than the Bamboo Garden Nursery in Escondido!

This place is not just a nursery; it's a green heaven that will have you fascinated with the serene beauty of bamboo.

Imagine walking into a place alive with various bamboo species.

Yes, you heard right!

They have everything from the towering giants to the subtle dwarfs, perfect for every artistic vision or commercial need.

Need a quick tip?

Here's what's on offer:

  • Bamboo Plants: Choose from a myriad to suit your garden theme.
  • Bamboo Poles: Ideal for your creative projects or commercial uses.
  • Consultation Services: Need help? They offer expert advice for your landscaping projects.

Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration or a business person aiming to greenify your space, this is your go-to hub.

They've been pairing people with plants longer than I've been writing, and trust me, that's saying something!

So, you're planning a new project, aren't you?

Why not make bamboo the star of the show?

It's versatile, easy on the eyes, and heck, it even benefits the planet.

Plus, imagine the stories you could tell with a bamboo fence or walkway!

Remember, this nursery is family-owned, so you can expect that warm, personalized service we all love.

Your dream project—be it a tranquil zen garden or a unique commercial space—is just waiting to take root.

Ready to dive in?

The folks at Bamboo Garden Nursery are eager to meet you and your grand ideas.

Start your bamboo journey today, and trust me, it’ll grow on you!

MidAtlantic Bamboo, Reidsville, NC

Looking for a bamboo nirvana right in your backyard?

Let's trot over to MidAtlantic Bamboo located in charming Reidsville, NC.

Why the buzz about MidAtlantic, you ask?

Well, it's not just any grove; it's a sanctum for bamboo enthusiasts seeking out cold-hardy species that'll stand the test of those nippy winters.

Need to bring some privacy to your garden or thinking about that natural fence vibe?

Look no further.

With over 90 varieties of bamboo, this grove's got you covered.

Imagine walking through your garden lined with green, luscious bamboo—it's both a visual treat and a privacy solution!

  • Landscaping Bamboo: Hard and resilient, perfect for that serene backyard feel.
  • Artistic Bamboo Poles: Unleash your creativity with durable poles just itching for a craft project.

Did you know bamboo can be more than just pretty?

It's a growing star in the commercial timber world.

Reidsville's MidAtlantic Bamboo is on that train, providing bamboo for those of you dreaming big—like, eco-building big!

What makes people keep going back to MidAtlantic?

Maybe it's the personalized touch from Jason Cox, the owner, always ready to chat at 1458 Dusty Road, or perhaps it’s their customer-friendly approach—photos and info are yours for the taking (non-commercial use, mind you!), as long as you tip your hat to them with a credit line.

So if you've got a knack for gardening, or if "bamboo artist" is the next title on your business card, it's time to swing by MidAtlantic Bamboo.

Go ahead, your green getaway awaits!

Oregon Bamboo Company, North Bend, OR

Have you been seeking out a bamboo haven for your artistic or commercial needs?

Well, Oregon Bamboo Company might just be your jackpot!

Picture this: a diverse array of bamboo plants, their canes standing tall, swaying gently in the North Bend breeze.

Isn't that something?

Let's dig into what makes this nursery a standout:

  • Sustainable Practices: Their bamboo isn’t just pretty; it's grown sustainably. You care about Mother Earth, right? So do they!
  • Expertise on hand: Got questions? They've got answers. With years of experience under their belt, their team is like the bamboo Wikipedia.
  • Consultation Services: Thinking of a bamboo grove in your backyard or needing poles for your next project? They'll guide you from seedling to full-grown glory.
  • Aesthetic and Practical: Whether you're looking to captivate with art or build with purpose, they’ve got you covered with a selection of plants and poles galore.

Now, you might think, "But will it last?" Absolutely!

These folks know all about the durability and versatility of bamboo.

Bonus points: It’s a renewable resource that grows like a weed—only it’s way more useful.

So, you’re ready to jazz up your garden or kick-start that bamboo-based business?

Give them a ring, drop by, and let the folks at Oregon Bamboo Company help turn your bamboo dreams into a reality.

Who knows, your next visit might just be the start of something green and grand!

Bamboo Grove, Savannah, GA

Hey there, bamboo enthusiast!

Have you ever dreamed of wandering through a lush green bamboo grove?

Well, head on down to Savannah, GA, where you'll find a charming spot that's as enchanting as it is beneficial for both artistic and commercial needs.

Who knew?

Savannah is home to a beautiful Bamboo Grove that's not just for snapping pretty pictures.

It's a hub for sourcing bamboo poles, plants, and even getting expert advice for your sustainable landscaping dreams.

And guess what?

They've got a range of bamboo species that are perfect whether you're crafting a piece of art or kitting out your business.

  • Address: 2 Canebrake Road, Savannah, GA 31419
  • Phone: 912-921-5460

Curious about the cost?

Well, it's super affordable!

  1. Admission:
  1. Adults (17+): $5
  2. Youth (6-16): $3
  3. Kids (5 and under): Free

Remember to call if you're bringing a bunch of pals for a group tour.

They love a heads-up for parties of 10 or more.

Opening Hours:

  • Tuesday – Saturday: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Sunday: 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Monday: Closed

Just a quick drive from downtown Savannah, and you've got a bamboo experience that's waiting for you.

With poles and plants up for grabs, your green project is about to get a whole lot greener.

Pop in during those opening hours and get ready to turn your bamboo dreams into a reality!

Bamboo Ranch, Tucson, AZ

Ever been to Tucson, Arizona, and thought to yourself, Where can I explore a lush bamboo oasis in the middle of the desert?

You'd find your answer at Bamboo Ranch!

This unique gem specializes in desert-grown bamboo, offering a bounty of over 100 bamboo varieties, perfectly adapted to thrive in the hot, arid conditions.

Why Bamboo Ranch?

Well, it's not just a bamboo utopia.

With more than 30 years of experience, they've got the expertise to match!

They've been cultivating non-invasive clumping bamboos and those pesky running bamboos that are best suited for desert life since 1986.

Impressive, right?

  • Desert-Proof Plants: They're not just selling bamboo; they're offering desert-proof, sturdy plants.
  • Bamboo Poles: Need some for a project or craft? They've got those, too!
  • Educational Resources: Wanna be a bamboo guru? They have the know-how and they're happy to share.

Imagine stepping onto the farm and seeing bamboos ranging from petite to towering giants.

Perfect for any of your needs—privacy hedges, patio plants, or perhaps a poolside bamboo grove.

Picture that soothing green sight!

And get this, if you've got specific bamboo needs for art or commerce, they don't just hand you the plants and wave goodbye.

With each plant, you'll receive a set of care instructions.

You're not just getting a plant; you're getting a wealth of knowledge to keep it flourishing.

Now, visiting this bamboo haven requires a heads-up.

It's by appointment, so give them a ring at 520 743 9879 or drop an email.

Get ready to be spellbound by the lushness that Bamboo Ranch nurtures right there in Tucson's desert!


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