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Ever wondered what makes your artisan bread so tasty, or your craft beer so unique?

The secret might just be in the grains.

Did you know that choosing the right specialty grains is as crucial for bakers and brewers as selecting the finest hops or yeast?

Your favorite local stout or sourdough owes its flavors and textures to the painstakingly cultivated fields from which its grains are harvested.

Not all grains are created equal; what sets specialty grains apart is their quality and the unique flavors they impart.

These fields are the starting blocks for products that stand out in a crowded market.

Discovering the right grain blend can elevate a brew or a bake from good to unforgettable.

It's a journey from field to glass or plate that's rich with tradition and innovation.

Think of us as your trusty guide through this landscape.

We've traveled the valleys and plains, conversed with maltsters and bakers, and we're here to share the gold.

What makes grain "specialty," and why is this important?

How can the terroir influence your next batch of IPA or rye bread?

Sit tight, and let's embark on a granular adventure through fields that offer more than just a pretty view, but a taste that's truly exceptional.

Key Takeaways

  • Specialty grains contribute distinct flavors and textures.
  • Selecting premium grains is essential for differentiation.
  • Terroir has a notable impact on grain characteristics.

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Skagit Valley Malting (Washington, USA)

Ever wondered where those aromatic grains in your favorite craft beer or that hearty loaf come from?

Let's take a peek into the world of Skagit Valley Malting.

Nestled in Washington's fertile Skagit Valley, this malthouse is redefining the grain game for craft brewers and bakers just like you.

Imagine grains so tailored to your crafting needs that they seem almost bespoke.

Skagit Valley Malting specializes in local grains, offering a variety of specialty malts that bring unique flavor profiles to your table.

Have you ever tried their Dextrin Malt?

With its ability to enhance body and head retention, it’s a game changer for beers — and guess what?

You only need to use up to 5% in your grist to make a difference.

Talk about efficient!

But it isn't just about the malts.

These folks are part of a bigger picture, fostering a grain economy that rallies around local farmers.

Think solidarity with a sprinkle of innovation, because Skagit Valley Malting employs their own malting technology.

This isn't just about brewing, it's about community — and isn't that something we can all toast to?

  • Location: Burlington, WA
  • Contact: (360) 982-1262
  • Offering: Specialty malts, local grains
  • For: Craft brewing, distilling, baking

Heading over to their website, you'll find they're generous with knowledge too, keeping you in the loop with their quarterly newsletter.

Now, you're all set to discover how grains from Skagit Valley can transform your craft.

Why not let your next batch tell the tale of Washington's Skagit Valley?

Riverbend Malt House (North Carolina, USA)

Hey there!

Have you heard about Riverbend Malt House tucked away in Asheville, North Carolina?

These folks are true pioneers, rustling up some amazing flavors in the world of malt since 2010.

What sets them apart?

They stick close to home, using local grains to create malt with a taste that screams Carolina!

  • Started in 2010
  • Location: Asheville, North Carolina
  • First craft malt house on the east of the Mississippi River

Now, let's talk numbers – and we're not joking around, these are pretty impressive.

Imagine nearly 4 million pounds of craft malt produced in 2023 alone.

That's a hefty increase from the 3.3 million in 2022, showing a growth of over 20%.

It's not just about quantity though; it's the variety that'll catch your eye.

Flagship styles, yes, but also custom and even smoked malts.

They've got you covered whatever your crafty heart desires!

  • 2022 Production: 3.3 million pounds
  • 2023 Production: About 4 million pounds
  • Growth: more than 20% from 2022 to 2023

Riverbend's not shy about their process either.

It's all about transparency and traceability.

They're like the craft beer detective's dream, giving you the full scoop from grain to glass.

You'll appreciate knowing exactly where your malt's roots are!

  • Focus on transparency and traceability
  • Variety includes flagship, custom, and smoked malts

So if you're in the market for malt that's got a local twist and pizzazz to its name, Riverbend's your champion.

With their path-breaking approach to local sourcing and flavor building, you're not just brewing beer; you're telling a story with every sip.

Cheers to that!

Mecca Grade Estate Malt (Oregon, USA)

Have you ever wondered where that rich, nuanced flavor in your craft beer or freshly baked bread comes from?

Meet Mecca Grade Estate Malt, a hidden gem cultivating a specialty grain revolution right in the agricultural heartland of Central Oregon.

Picture this: a thousand acres of lush land, ringed by the stunning high desert landscape.

Here, an eighth-generation family has been farming since 1905, and they've brought something special to the table.

With dedication to their craft and land, they grow and malt all of their own grains, ensuring a product that's steeped in heritage and quality.

Can you taste the difference?


Their unique grain varieties, like Full Pint and Lamonta, are a chef's and brewer's dream, imbuing your creations with unparalleled depth of flavor.

It's not just a malt; it's an emblem of passion and a testament to the distinct terroir of their Oregon farm, which, quite interestingly, lies within a mere 2-mile radius of their malthouse.

And the process?

It's nothing short of revolutionary.

While details are their carefully guarded secret, the result is evident in the layers of character your palate enjoys with each sip or bite.

From farm to fermenter, Mecca Grade Estate Malt is shaping up to be the very definition of estate malting craft.

So next time you're savoring that craft brew or artisanal loaf, think of the family behind Mecca Grade Estate Malt.

Better yet, why not seek them out for your next homegrown creation?

Their contact on the farm in Madras, Oregon, is just a call away at (541) 526-8152.

Could this be the start of a flavorful journey for you?

Proximity Malt (Colorado and Delaware, USA)

Hey there, ever wondered where craft brewers and artisan bakers get their hands on the finest malts?

They all seem top-notch, don't they?

Well, let me spill the grains!

Proximity Malt is where it's at – combining regional craftsmanship with substantial capacity.

Have you heard about their operations in Colorado and Delaware?

Well, you're in for a treat!

In the heart of the San Luis Valley, halfway between Denver and Albuquerque, Proximity's Colorado site is a malting haven with neighbors who've perfected the art of growing premium malting barley.

Now, that's what you call local expertise!

The charm doesn't stop there; this facility is the first of its size in the Valley, bringing a pop of vibrancy to the already renowned grain-producing region.

Heading over to Delaware, Proximity's presence signifies a commitment to meeting the demands of our legendary Eastern craft brewers.

Both sites boast a hefty capacity of 25,000 tons – that's heavy, and I mean literally!

  • State-of-the-Art Processing: Expect nothing less from Proximity Malt. Their advanced facilities maximize malt extract, giving you more bang for your brew!
  • Premium Grains: Selected local grains, bred for craft brewing, are the real MVPs here, ensuring your beverages and baked goods are of top-tier quality.

It’s not just about malting, though!

Proximity Malt is pioneering a path as North America's first new-generation malt house by bridging the gap between farm and frothy goodness.

They work hand-in-hand with local growers, experimenting with robust barley varieties.

So, next time you're sipping on that craft beer or biting into a delicious baked creation, think Proximity Malt – your friendly neighborhood maltsters who are quite literally, churning the wheels of the craft grain world in Colorado and Delaware.

Cheers to that!

Troubadour Maltings (Colorado, USA)

Ever dreamt of crafting that perfect brew or bakery creation with grains that have a tale to tell?

Welcome to Troubadour Maltings!

Nestled in the heart of Fort Collins, Colorado, this gem specializes in giving you character-driven malts that are more than a sidekick in your artisanal story.

So you're a brewer or distiller, huh?

You're in luck!

Troubadour Maltings is dedicated to small-batch and custom malting magic.

Using locally grown grains, they’re all about adding color and nuance to your craft.

What's their secret?

Well, they use a Buhler Zonda Malt Roaster for their Serenade base malt, roasting each kernel evenly to avoid high direct heat and achieve that deep cocoa brown goodness.

Here's a bite-sized fact list for you:

  1. Location: Fort Collins, CO
  2. Focus: Craft malt for brewers and distillers
  3. Specialty: Small batch and custom malts
  4. Grain Varieties: Genie Barley, Antero and Sonora Wheat, Jimmy and Magnum Oats, Elbon Rye
  5. Malt Example: Serenade base malt
  1. Roast: Even, with care to avoid high direct heat
  2. Color: Deep cocoa brown
  3. LOVIBOND: 300-350
  4. Moisture: 3-4.5%
  5. Friability: 85-95%

Curious about the numbers?

LOVIBOND measures color, while moisture and friability talk about quality.

These folks have got the full package, tailored to your unique palate.

Imagine the stories your brews could tell with malts from Troubadour Maltings.

A sip could transport someone to the sweeping fields of Colorado, couldn't it?

Their passion for local economies and high-quality malting shines through every grain.

And that's the spirit they infuse in every batch – the spirit of the troubadour, of adventure, and of local craftsmanship.

Ready to bring that spirited character into your next craft project?

Epiphany Craft Malt (North Carolina, USA)

Have you ever wondered where local craft brewers and bakers get those top-quality, flavor-packed grains?

Look no further than Epiphany Craft Malt in North Carolina.

You're not just getting any grains; you're getting specialty malts with a story.

Why are they special?

The secret is local sourcing.

Grains that beam with character, tailored by weather, soil, and hands-on farming practices are this malt house's choice.

Epiphany Craft Malt sources its grains from seed growers and specialty grain farmers, predominantly from North Carolina and Virginia, but don't be surprised to find stellar grains from around the country in their mix.

What’s brewing with those grains?

Epiphany Craft Malt not only focuses on small scale malting for that individual touch but also:

  • Provides an integrated regional supply to various sprouted grain ventures.
  • Stands out with the appreciation for functional terroir—yes, grains with a sense of place.
  • Takes pride in their environmental footprint, having offset 421 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Ever thought your beer had a dab of eco-consciousness?

It just might if it’s an Epiphany malt brew!

And it's not just about the environmental kudos.

If you ever visit Durham, NC, pop into Epiphany Craft Malt.

With the founder’s experience as a director of brewing operations, you know you’re dealing with pros.

So whether you're into brewing, distilling, or baking, knowing your grains come from a place of passion makes all the difference.

Your creations start with the finest of foundations; let Epiphany Craft Malt be the cornerstone.

Valley Malt (Massachusetts, USA)

Have you heard about Valley Malt?

It's nestled in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and guess what makes it truly special?

Their grains are not just any grains—they are a testament to sustainability and local farming.

Let's take a peek at what makes them stand out!

Location & Power Source:

  • Address: 4 North Bridge Rd, Holyoke, MA 01040
  • Unique Fact: The facility runs on hydroelectric power from a river-run and canal system. Talk about eco-friendly!

Sustainability: Valley Malt takes pride in supporting family farms in the Northeast.

They are your partners in craft, linking arms with local brewers and distillers to produce top-notch malts that are kind to the environment.

Want variety?

You got it!

Their shelves boast everything from the classic to the unique:

  • Crystal Twenty: Ideal for that perfect color and flavor.
  • Harris Wheat: For the bakers and brewers looking for a superior wheat malt.
  • Chocolate and Coffee Malt: Because who doesn’t love a good twist in their malt?

What about ordering?

Fear not!

Valley Malt makes it a breeze.

Plus, you'll be kept in the loop with their sweet updates—no spam, just the good stuff.

Commitment to Quality: Check this out—each malt purchase comes with a batch analysis.

You'll know precisely which farm contributed to your brew.

Did you know Valley Malt began its journey in 2009?

Imagine the dedication to crafting the perfect malt for over a decade.

So next time you sip on that craft ale or bite into a hearty bread, think of the vibrant fields and the flowing river that might just be the secret behind your delicious treat.

Interested in a little more than the usual?

Valley Malt has something for you too.

They're now offering Regenerative Organic Certified® malts, brimming with deeper, cereal-like aromas perfect for ales and wheat beers.

It's innovation with a conscience.

So, craft enthusiasts, when you choose Valley Malt, you're not just getting quality ingredients—you're becoming part of a story that supports local farms and sustainable practices.

Now that's a reason to raise a glass! 🍻

Sugar Creek Malt Co. (Indiana, USA)

Have you heard about Sugar Creek Malt Co. nestled in the heartland of Lebanon, Indiana?

They're not just any malting operation; they're on a mission to infuse a local touch into every pint and pastry with their hometown-grown grains.

Imagine tipping back a local brew or savoring a baked good knowing the ingredients were just a stone's throw away.

That's what Sugar Creek is all about!

Curious about the numbers?

Well, these folks handcraft a staggering 1,000,000 pounds of malt every year.

That's enough malt to produce around 16,000 barrels of beer.

That's a lot of happy hours!

Their approach is quite special:

  • Locally Grown: Sugar Creek takes pride in sourcing grains from local fields.
  • Hand Crafted: Each batch of malt is a testament to their artisanal prowess.

Why does local even matter?

Glad you asked!

By keeping it local, they've basically turned the great state of Indiana into a giant community garden for malting barley, wheat, and rye.

Their homegrown philosophy means they're not just producing malt; they're nurturing a truly local beer and spirits culture.

So, you might be wondering, "Do my choices really have that big of an impact?" When you go for a brew that's rocking Sugar Creek malt, you're not just enjoying a drink; you're taking a stand for local businesses and sustainable farming.

Plus, you're getting a taste of Indiana in every sip—how cool is that?

Remember, with Sugar Creek Malt Co., it's not just about what's in your glass or on your plate; it's about being part of a local legacy.

Cheers to that!

Blue Ox Malthouse (Maine, USA)

Have you ever wondered where your delicious craft beer gets its unique taste?

It might just be the specialty grains from a place like Blue Ox Malthouse.

Nestled in Maine, this malthouse marries tradition with innovation.

What’s on the menu?

A selection of unique malts that bring a local flair to beer and bread.

Why Maine Grains?

Well, for starters, Blue Ox is big on local.

They tap into the rich harvests of Aroostook County and nearby regions, ensuring that the grains are as fresh and sustainable as they can get.

It’s all about boosting those local farmers and giving you a taste that’s truly Maine.

Entering the Scene: Blue Ox has grown significantly since starting full production in 2015.

Their launch into the community was marked by a grand opening event on January 25, 2016.

Each passing year has seen them up their game.

  • Production Process: Combining modern tech with traditional floor malting, Blue Ox crafts consistent quality. And how’s quality assured? They stick to the strictest standards throughout the process.
  • The Farmers: It's about relationships and community. More farmers, more grain, more malt.

Not only do they provide for brewers and bakers, but they are also expanding to distillers and food processors.

Their mission?


Grow markets for Maine farmers while wowing your palate with high-quality Maine products.

So next time you take a sip or bite, remember Blue Ox Malthouse.

They're not just about malt; they're a pivotal thread in the tapestry of local agriculture, connecting the dots between the field and your favorite treats.

Ready to support regional producers and indulge in something special from Maine?

Look no further than Blue Ox's malty creations!

Red Shed Malting (Alberta, Canada)

Have you heard about Red Shed Malting?

This gem in Alberta, Canada, might just be the secret ingredient in your next craft brewing or baking masterpiece.

Family-owned and bustling with innovation, Red Shed Malting specializes in turning top-notch grains grown right on their family farm into something special for your palate.

What's on offer?

A diverse selection of specialty malts!

This includes:

  • Unique barley varieties
  • Premium wheat variants.

These grains aren't just your run-of-the-mill types; they’re crafted with care for craft brewers and distillers who are keen on experimenting and pushing the boundaries of flavor, color, and aroma in their creations.

Curious about their reach?

Red Shed Malting proudly holds the title of being the first craft malthouse in Alberta and notably has Canada’s first malt roaster.

That's right, they're pioneers in their field, bringing innovative malting techniques to the table—or should we say, to the brew kettle and oven?

Contact Details:

  • Sales: Matt at 403-506-3399
  • Shipping & Receiving: Reach them at the South East overhead door, phone 403-392-7988.

So, whether you’re crafting a robust stout or baking a hearty loaf, keep Red Shed Malting in mind.

They’re not just another supplier; they’re part of a story that starts from the ground up, tracing back to grains carefully nurtured on their family land.

Embrace the chance to be part of that story and bring a taste of Alberta to your brews and bakes.

Don't you think it’s about thyme you malt your heart out with their grains?


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