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Buying small vacant pieces of land is not so hard anymore because of Rural Vacant Land. But who owns this unique and easy-to-use company?

Luke Smith is the proprietor of Rural Vacant Land, a reputable platform for buying land. He offers small parcels of land throughout the US at incredibly low prices. With his wealth of experience in this industry, they are widely regarded as one of the most dependable services.

I have had firsthand experience with Rural Vacant Land by speaking with Luke. Additionally, I have watched numerous tutorials of his on YouTube to learn more about the platform. Numerous customer reviews point to Luke being an incredibly helpful and amiable business owner.

Key Takeaways

  • Luke Smith is a vacant land expert and he is also the owner of Rural Vacant Land.
  • Rural Vacant Land is a US wholesale directory of vacant properties. Luke finds these properties and puts them up for auction for affordable prices.
  • This platform is extremely trustworthy and I highly recommend it to anybody considering buying from them today.

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Who Owns Rural Vacant Land?

Rural Vacant Land is a US wholesale directory owned by Luke Smith. He created this platform to eliminate the middleman in rural vacant land purchases, eliminate down payments, and minimize buyer fees. Luke Smith is based in Encinitas, California.

He reviews available properties for prospective buyers and offers consulting and honest advice. The idea is to help buyers avoid getting scammed or trapped into bad deals with little future upside.

Luke also can get his hands on off-market deals. When he does, he locates buyers for this land and offers them a price at half the current market rate or less. The prices are too attractive and the land sells fast.

Rural Vacant Land offers these deals to potential buyers. The first one to spot the deal and buy is awarded the property. This one-of-a-kind service continues to grow in popularity in this niche market.

How Does Rural Vacant Land Work?

Let’s review how Rural Vacant Land works. This platform is unlike most and the process has been simplified as much as possible for buyers. Anybody engaging in a purchase would follow these steps.

Locate Property

First, we would use the platform to locate a property we want to buy. They have hundreds of listings at affordable prices so it shouldn't be too hard to find what we are looking for here.

The website has various filters to make our search easier. There is also a map search function to locate properties in specific areas.

Perform Due Diligence

The truth is a number of factors determine if an investment in rural vacant land is trustworthy or not. It starts with understanding the local market conditions and assessing the risks associated with purchasing a piece of land.

Buyers should thoroughly research the legal rights associated with owning the property and confirm that all appropriate paperwork is completed before purchase. Look at the local county zoning laws too.

Interested buyers should also look for things like property lines, natural gas hookups, house sizes in the area, and land access.

Contact Luke For More Information

Before paying, buyers can directly contact Luke and his team for more information about the process and a specific piece of land. This is recommended for beginner buyers.

However, I suggest doing more due diligence because Luke will not do that for you. It’s better to approach him after being well prepared for a purchase, not before.

Make Payment

If you are ready to buy, click the buy now button on the land page and it will bring buyers to a payment form. Typically, these land options are lower priced, so making a payment online is fine.

Finalize Paperwork

Lastly, finalize all paperwork with Luke. This will include information about taxes, deeds to the property, etc.

Rural Vacant Land Key Features

Rural Vacant Land offers a few key features for customers. This includes live land auctions, an accurate map search function, and one-on-one consulting with Luke.

Live Land Auctions

The live auctions are where buyers can find the best deals. There are featured listings that Luke considers good deals, including key information like location, land size, pricing, payment options, etc.

Map Search

The Map Search feature shows a view of the entire country with listings in different areas. You can zoom in on specific states and cities to see what listings are currently available in the area.

This is a good way to see what's out there while comparing pricing by area. I noticed the map was extremely accurate and I easily found properties this way.

Luke Smith One-on-one Consulting

Finally, you can book a consultation appointment with Luke if you aren't ready to buy. He can offer insights and advice to help prospective buyers choose a location, set a budget, pick a potential property, and secure the investment without spending more than they should.

Is Rural Vacant Land Trustworthy?

Rural Vacant Land allows individuals and families to purchase parcels of rural vacant land without going through a lengthy process with real estate agents or brokers. But is this type of platform trustworthy?

The business model is also highly transparent. Each piece of land available has detailed descriptions and a location for the buyer to analyze. This helps eliminate any surprises or confusion when making purchase decisions.

When it comes to security, Rural Vacant Land ensures all transactions are secure but there are no refunds. So any buyer should be certain they are making a purchase they believe in before sending any money.

I would absolutely recommend Rural Vacant Land. They are legit and trustworthy. Luke Smith is also a joy to work with.

Does Rural Vacant Land Offer Financing?

Rural Vacant Land does not offer financing directly. Typically, they do cash-only deals with upfront payments because the costs tend to be low enough to warrant this transaction type.

However, Luke Smith does recommend using Prosper if financing is required. He walks customers through the financing prosper during his consulting if needed.

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to secure financing for vacant land purchases. But it can slow down the purchasing process, putting your property at risk of being purchased before financing is secured.


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