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Investing in international real estate and residential property has many benefits. This is why many people wonder whether you can buy land in Russia or not.

If you want to avoid any legal issues, it is necessary to understand whether you can buy a residential property in Russia and how exactly to do it. This requires help from experts who know the market to execute a purchase flawlessly in the right area.

You can buy land in Russia as both a foreigner and a citizen, but there are some restrictions to keep in mind. For example, foreigners are not allowed to own property in border territories or any agricultural property. You should consult an expert when looking for residential land in Russia.

Russia is a country that has had its share of international controversies and political drama in the past. For this reason, people assume it would be extremely strict and restrictive with laws about owning property. But it is not as bad as you would think and this guide will explain more about whether you can own residential property there.

We have gathered this information by consulting with experts who understand the laws in Russia and by reading the fine print on Russian websites about residential property. We have also done plenty of research on the residency permit laws to know how critical it is to obtain any property in the country.

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Can You Buy Land In Russia?

Yes, foreigners can buy residential land in Russia. The process is relatively straightforward, but there are a few things you should know before you buy.

First, you need to find a real estate agent who is familiar with the process of foreign land purchases in Russia. The agent will help you find and purchase the right property, and will also assist you with the necessary paperwork and translations.

Second, you will need to get a residency permit to own property in Russia. This process can be a little complicated, but your real estate agent will be able to help you with it.

You can buy land in Russia if you have the money and time to invest. But as always, you should be careful of your investment choices. There are many reasons why Russia is so expensive, and one of them is because land prices are so high or provide restrictions to investors.

Foreigners also have the right to own property within the country. However, restrictions do apply to where and what type of land you are allowed to purchase. For example, land located in specific areas near the borders is restricted for foreigners.

Russia has a lot of property that you can buy before you do anything. However, it is not easy to find a property that is acceptable to own before doing anything. It is best to use an attorney who understands the international ownership laws to avoid any problems.

Can A Foreigner Buy Residential Land In Russia?

There are no restrictions on foreigners buying land in Russia, except for certain areas near the border which are closed to foreign investment. The process of buying land in Russia is relatively simple, provided that you have a residency permit already and a piece of land you can legally own.

The most important factor when purchasing land in Russia is to ensure that the title to the land is clear and free of any liens or encumbrances. It is also advisable to have a qualified Russian lawyer carry out a title search and due diligence investigation to ensure that the property is what it is claimed to be.

Foreigners can purchase land in Russia, but there are a few restrictions. The most important restriction is that foreigners are not able to own agricultural land either. This is because the Russian government wants to protect its citizens from land ownership by foreigners.

What Are The Restrictions To Buying Land In Russia?

Russia is a country with a unique and complicated history. It has been subject to many conflicts and wars and due to these conflicts, there are strict limitations on land ownership for both foreigners and citizens.

Below we list the most noteworthy restrictions that exist today on both citizens and foreigners who are looking to buy land. It is worth mentioning that this is only land ownership, meaning you may be able to rent or lease this type of land still.

Buying Land In Border Areas

One of the primary restrictions Russia places on foreigners is not allowing any ownership of land in 380 border areas. This law also applies to foreign countries and includes regions along every border with multiple countries.

This was a step taken to tighten up border security while increasing the land value for Russians in these areas and reducing the risk of foreign investments. The objective of this decree is for Russia to eliminate any risks along the borders from international citizens too.

Russia does not allow any type of exceptions to this rule either. If you are not a citizen of Russia, you can only rent land in these regions.

Land Surrounding Ports

Russia also restricts ownership of land surrounding seaports for any foreigners that are not Russian citizens. This law was passed to prevent the country from being invaded by foreign forces and to maintain safety in key areas.

However, as a foreign citizen, you are allowed to rent or lease property around a seaport but cannot physically own the land. Russia considers these ports near warm waters critical to their national security and they value this principle more than foreign investment in any land.

Agricultural Land

Russia has a long history of agriculture and farming. It is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of agricultural land. However, they forbid foreigners from owning any agricultural land or farmland in the country.

The law was passed to protect the Russian farmer’s right to farm their own lands and prevent foreign ownership of farmland. And it is extremely restrictive considering agricultural land makes up over 13% of the total land in the country.

Federally Owned Land

Owning any piece of federally operated or owned land is completely off-limits to both foreigners and Russian citizens. There are two main definitions of what falls under this category including land plots that cannot be private property and restricted land plots in turnover.

The land plots that cannot be owned as private property include key country buildings like military bases, nuclear power plants, security organizations, and more. These pieces of land are no longer in turnover, but they are still restrictive for private property ownership.

The next area that is restricted is property still in turnover. This includes areas like forest land, space infrastructure buildings, defense areas, and more. This land belongs to the state and municipalities and cannot ever be used to build residential property by foreigners or citizens.

Land In Crimean

In the past year, Russia also implemented a law that restricted any land in the Crimean area from foreign ownership. This was considered controversial when it was announced because many foreigners already owned property here.

This led to many people being forced from their homes or having to give up property that they owned. This was included because it ties closely into the law from 2011 that banned foreigners from owning land near borders.

How To Buy Residential Property In Russia

There are many factors to consider when buying a property. You need to find out what you want, how much you can afford, and whether it is a legal piece of property you are allowed to purchase.

Find Acceptable Property

As a foreigner, there are certain things that you need to know about the process of buying property in Russia before you start looking for properties. It’s important to know the laws and regulations to avoid any issues with the process of purchasing a property.

You should find a piece of acceptable property that you are allowed to own as a foreigner. Once you do this, you can consider moving along the process and beginning the purchasing journey to make it official.

Obtain Russian Residency Permit

Before you can buy any residential property in Russia you will need to obtain a Russian residency permit first. It is issued by the government and it comes with certain terms and conditions.

This permit indicates you are allowed to live in Russia without citizenship and it permits you to buy residential property too. Foreigners are typically not allowed to buy a piece of commercial property unless it is under special circumstances.

Meet With Russian Attorneys

You should meet with experts and Russian attorneys who understand the process of buying property as a foreigner. This is because it is hard to find an attorney in Russia that understands the process of buying property as a foreigner.

It is also hard to find someone who knows how to navigate the complicated legal system in Russia. If you are going to invest in real estate, it would be wise for you to hire these people first before making any decisions about your purchase.


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