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The real estate market can be extremely competitive, which is why a lot of people are buying land on the moon, but how can you do it legally?

There is no official legal process for buying land on the moon. In 1967, the Outer Space Treaty was signed, which explicitly prohibits the sale and ownership of the moon by any country or celestial being - making all lunar real estate purchases fraudulent.

After extensively researching international space treaties and real estate laws, I have been able to gather enough information to determine the legal process of buying land on the moon. My research has indicated that the Outer Space Treaty explicitly prohibits legal ownership of the moon and that all lunar real estate purchases are fraudulent.

Key Takeaways

  • There is no legal process for buying land on the moon because no country or person owns the moon.
  • All lunar real estate sites are fraudulent and sell unrecognized plots of land on the moon that are essentially worthless.
  • In 1967, the UN brokered the Outer Space Treaty, which prohibits the ownership of the moon by any celestial being or nation.

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Is it Legal to Buy Land on the Moon?

There is no legal way to buy land on the moon. Despite the attempts of various online websites that claim to be selling lunar real estate, buying land on the moon is impossible and not legal due to the fact that no celestial body or country can lay claim to it.

Buying land on the moon has become an increasingly popular financial investment among a lot of people from all around the globe. With various websites claiming to have ‘premium lunar real estate’ available at a very low price, a lot of people are eager to get their hands on a piece of the moon.

The prospect of owning land on the moon is a very attractive investment for many people on Earth, but the reality is that there is simply no way of doing it legally.

How Much is Land on the Moon?

Acquiring real estate on our own planet is becoming more and more expensive - especially with the rising global population. That is why a lot of people are looking to the moon for their next real estate investment, as prices are competitive, to say the least.

On average, you can expect to pay around $30 per acre for land on the moon. This staggeringly low figure attracts buyers from all over the world, and with these kinds of prices, it is easy to understand why.

With the help of various online websites selling fraudulent parcels of lunar real estate, you can ‘own’ land on the moon for as little as $30 - with some sites offering special discounts that can make buying an acre as cheap as $25.

However, with land parcels this affordable, a lot of people can’t help but take advantage of the market. That is why you can find bargain deals that advertise more acres at a better price - with many buyers opting for 5 to 20-acre packages that cost between $100 and $250+.

Most websites offer packages that you can choose from depending on the location of the parcel, as well as the documentation that comes with it. Much like on Earth, lunar real estate sites have plots with better surroundings than others, which is why you can find land parcels with the following prices and titles:

  • Standard - ($30)
  • Premium - ($40)
  • Deluxe - ($70)

Although each of these packages only entitles you to 1 acre of land on the moon, you get additional features when you buy more expensive offers.

What Do You Get When You Buy Land on the Moon?

When you buy land on the moon, you are essentially buying nothing, as there is no legal way to acquire lunar real estate. Websites that are in the business of selling land on the moon do give you some assurance that your money did go somewhere.

To start, you are sent an email confirmation congratulating you on your lunar land purchase. However, some websites will actually send you physical, fraudulent documents to your home - with the type of documentation varying depending on the package that you opt for.

Standard Package (1 Acre)

The standard package is the most affordable option for buying land on the moon and you are usually sold a 1-acre plot. For this introductory level real estate investment, most organizations will send you the following:

  • Lunar documents
  • Futuristic packaging

This package normally costs between $25 and $30 - with some organizations charging extra for better locations on the moon.

Premium Package (1 Acre)

The premium package is normally the route that serious lunar investors take, as you are given additional documentation to prove you are the owner of the real estate. With the premium package, you can expect the following to be included:

  • Lunar documents
  • Futuristic packaging
  • Name printed on deed
  • Automatic registration

This package comes with your name printed on the deed, which is why a lot of buyers often go premium. Most websites charge around $40 for the premium package.

Deluxe Package (1 Acre)

The deluxe package is reserved for only the most committed lunar real estate investors, which is why they include the following additional item(s):

  • Lunar documents
  • Futuristic packaging
  • Name printed on deed
  • Automatic registration
  • Framed lunar deed

The starting price for the deluxe package is usually around $70. Much like the rest of the packages, you can choose to buy additional acres (not just one) - with some of the most lucrative lunar purchases offering a physical meteorite.

Are Land Purchases on the Moon Legit?

Despite the growing number of lunar real estate sites popping up, buying land on the moon is not legit in any way shape, or form. Every lunar land purchase that has been made is fraudulent and worthless, as there is no legal way of buying a parcel on the moon.

Sites claim to have official documentation, which even includes a deed with your name printed on it, but this is ultimately a bogus document that has absolutely no merit here on Earth (or on the moon). If you are considering buying land on the moon - don’t, as there is no legitimate way to do so and the people that are running lunar real estate sites are scammers.

Who Owns the Moon?

Buying land on the moon is no easy feat because no one technically owns it. There are a number of international laws and treaties that specifically prohibit any person or country from laying claim to the moon.

Many people who bought lunar real estate are often surprised to find out that their deeds and documentation are not recognized by any legal body or authority. That is because any documentation that attempts to validate or provide ownership of any land on the moon is 100% fraudulent.

Although counties like the United States were able to land on the moon, even this grand achievement in human history is not enough to declare ownership. No one owns the moon, and for that reason, no one can buy land on the moon (legally).

What is the Outer Space Treaty?

The primary legal documentation that prohibits any celestial being or country from buying land on the moon is the Outer Space Treaty.  This multilateral treaty is the official document and agreement between virtually every country on Earth that has declared the moon to be off-limits.

In 1967 (2 years before the moon landing), the Outer Space Treaty was signed by various countries around the globe. This deal, brokered by the United Nations, officially prohibits anyone from owning the moon. In addition, it declares that the moon and the entirety of space are for peaceful exploration among all nations and people on the planet.

Why Do People Buy Land on the Moon?

People have been ‘buying’ land on the moon since the 1950s. Around the time that the Outer Space Treaty was signed, some organizations began to claim that they found a loophole in the treaty and started selling acres of land on the moon.

This trend has carried on since and people continue to buy fraudulent acres of lunar real estate to this day. There are a number of reasons why people do this - with real estate investment and opportunity being very common incentives. People legitimately think that they own land on the moon and that one day it will make them (or their future relatives) rich.

However, many people who decide to buy land on the moon fully understand that they are buying a fraudulent piece of real estate. They do this instead as a fun gift for friends and family - or even as a joke. The ability to say that you own real estate on the moon entitles you to some serious bragging rights - if it were true. At the end of the day, a lot of people are consciously and willingly duped by lunar real estate scams because they enjoy being in on the joke.


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