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Antarctica is the holy grail of every adventurer. You might be wondering if you can buy land in Antarctica now that it is garnering so much attention.

Many people have told you for sure that you cannot buy land in Antarctica. Is this, however, true? If yes, What is the explanation for this? What are the possible reasons behind this exception?

You cannot buy land in Antarctica, because there's no authority there to sell it to you. You won't find any houses, towns, or real estate brokers. This is the world's only continent without an indigenous population.

If there are no homes or towns, how do people who visit Antarctica manage to live there? You might be wondering if there are any long-term settlers in Antarctica, particularly in low-ice areas. Although you can't buy land here, what If you really want to go to this mysterious place? Is it possible for you to reside here? We've put together a list of reasons why you won't be able to live in Antarctica.

We have gathered information from the various government websites of the signatory countries of the Antarctic Treaty to learn more about the rules and regulations for living in Antarctica because there is no official website of the Antarctic government (since there is no government).

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What is the Antarctic treaty?

To prevent Antarctica from becoming a subject of international dispute, a treaty was signed by 12 countries in 1959. According to the Antarctic treaty, Antarctica belongs to no one. No county can claim sovereignty over Antarctic land.

This continent is a true natural reserve that can be used for scientific research and other peaceful purposes only. There should neither be nuclear activity nor military control over the area. Now, there are almost 54 signatory countries including the US that have consented to this treaty.

Can you buy land in Antarctica according to the treaty?

According to the Antarctic treaty, no county can claim its ownership over Antarctica, it is governed through International coordination. This is the reason why you can't buy land here. Since you represent a specific country, you can't become a matter of discord by buying a piece of land in a continent which belongs to all countries.

Is there land worth living in Antarctica?

Only a few places are there in Antarctica which are worth living in. These are mostly ice-free areas which make up only 0.44% of the total Antarctic land. 81% of all the buildings are concentrated within this 0.44% of the land.

The places where you will find some human population include Villa Las Estrellas base of Chile and Argentinian Esperanza base, both of which are in the Antarctic Peninsula. There's also the McMurdo Base of the US and some other scientific bases as well. These scientific bases are the only settlements on the continent.

Is there a considerable population of people living in Antarctica?

Antarctica has no native population. People living here are either adventure travelers or scientists and workers who work at scientific bases. No human lives here for indefinite periods of time. The maximum stay of an individual is one or two years. There are approximately 4000 individuals during the summer months and 1000 individuals during winters in the whole of Antarctica.

Reasons why you shouldn't think of living in Antarctica

Now you know that you can't own land in Antarctica, you may be wondering about the experience of living here. No doubt, a few-day trip to Antarctica will be a memorable one. But you won't be able to stay here for long.

Extreme cold

The freezing temperature of the great white island is not appropriate for a long-term living when the continent has no reserves of energy. It has the lowest temperature record on the Earth. −128.6 °F is the lowest temperature recorded with the highest being 38 °F. Above the coldest temperature, the driest winds are what make this land dangerous. You can catch frostbite in no time.

Wilderness and isolation

Antarctica is almost as big as the United States. But, this vastness is covered in the wilderness. The ice sheet on the Antarctic land is 1 to 4 miles in thickness at different places. No plants can grow in such a thick blanket of ice.

Antarctica is the darkest place on Earth. It is a completely isolated continent that makes you feel like you've come to a different planet. Some people call it White Mars.

No houses

There are no homes or dwellings to live in. Only a few people live in Antarctica, most of which belong to scientific research stations. There are a few accommodations for tourists where you can find food and lighting. You can't build a dwelling of your own as there is no access to construction material for a common person.

No resources or jobs

Being isolated from the rest of the world, Antarctica has no resources. There are no flights to Antarctica, you have to arrange a private jet or cruise ship for travelling there. There is no transportation, no roads, no schools, no water system, no food, nothing.

There are no jobs in Antarctica. Without a source of income, it will be almost impossible for a person to reside there for long. Even on scientific bases, there are limited jobs that have already been occupied.

Highly expensive living

Staying in Antarctica is impossible unless you are a millionaire. You have to arrange everything for you because the biggest problem here is logistics. You must bring enough food with you for the period of your stay. You must arrange a shelter and transport for yourself.

The biggest concern is fuel. In order to keep yourself warm, you must arrange enough fuel. 3–5 gallons of diesel are needed per hour for a diesel generator there, costing you about $200,000 for 18 months. Above it, more traveling means more fuel and more money.


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