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Buying virtual land has become an increasingly popular topic with the popularization of various metaverses, but is Atlas Earth a legit place to do it?

Atlas Earth is a legit place to buy virtual land and it is currently one of the only mobile-first games that allows you to own virtual real estate. However, unlike other metaverses, the profit margins on Atlas Earth are very low - with an average annual profit of less than 10 cents per parcel.

After extensively researching Atlas Earth, I have been able to gather enough information to determine whether this mobile game's metaverse is a legitimate place for buying virtual land. My research has indicated that although virtual real estate is the core concept behind Atlast Earth, there has been a lot of skepticism regarding the profit margins of land parcels in the metaverse.

Key Takeaways

  • Atlas Earth is a legit place to buy virtual land, and it’s currently one of the few mobile games where users can acquire virtual real estate.
  • You can buy virtual land on Atlas Earth by purchasing Atlas Bucks - with each 900 square foot parcel costing 100 Atlas Bucks or $5.
  • The profit margins on Atlas Earth are extremely low and users earn roughly 10 cents per parcel per year.

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What is Atlas Earth?

Atlas Earth is a mobile game that allows its users to buy virtual real estate that represents real-world land parcels within the app. This is a mobile-first game implying that Atlast Earth is being launched on mobile devices and will eventually transition to larger screens such as desktops.

Within the game, users can buy virtual plots of land that are 900 square feet per parcel. Each user is able to see a digital representation of land parcels in their physical, real-world location which they can acquire and own virtually.

Is Atlas Earth a Scam?

There has been a lot of skepticism and debate as to whether Atlas Earth is a scam. The rising popularity of the ‘metaverse’ has resulted in many large companies, start-ups, and private programmers trying to capitalize on the new-age concept by developing their own metaverses.

With that said, Atlas Earth is not technically a scam and it’s a legit place to buy virtual land. Once you download Atlas Earth, you are given the option to buy virtual land within the game, which the company allows you to profit from.

Many users who play Atlas Earth enjoy the experience of making virtual real estate transactions and exploring the metaverse that spans a representation of the United States. There are various features within the game such as using augmented reality to connect you closer to your virtual land.

However, unlike some of the other metaverses that exist, many users are not convinced that Atlas Earth is a safe investment for virtual land. Although you can buy virtual real estate, the profit margins are unsatisfactory compared to other metaverses that exist. More on this later.

How Do You Buy Land on Atlas Earth?

Buying land in Atlas Earth is not difficult and the developers have made it very easy to make transactions. Atlas Earth is designed with its own in-game currency so that players can make all land purchases using Atlas Bucks.

By connecting your actual money to the app, you can purchase Atlas Bucks - allowing you to buy virtual real estate within the Atlas Earth metaverse. Users can explore their local area and acquire plots of land, which entitles them to be the legit owner of that digital land parcel.

The developers of Atlas Earth try to encourage users to buy more Atlas Bucks in higher quantities by offering incentives - most notably, more Atlast Bucks for larger purchases. So, if you are making a larger purchase with actual money, you will be rewarded with a larger amount of Atlas Bucks.

How Much is Land in Atlas Earth?

Plots of land in Atlas Earth are divided into standard 900-square-foot parcels which cost 100 Atlas Bucks each (equal to $5). Users can choose to buy a single plot of land in Atlas Earth for $5 (or 100 Atlas Bucks) - or they can choose to buy multiple plots of land.

Ultimately, the amount of money that you can spend in the game is equal to the number of virtual land parcels that are available. Atlas Earth features an expansive metaverse with a lot of land parcels available for purchase. Dedicated users spend a lot of money within the game and end up paying thousands of dollars for virtual real estate.

Do You Need to Spend Money to Buy Land on Atlas Earth?

To buy any land parcel in the Atlas Earth metaverse, you need to have Atlas Bucks - with 100 being the minimum for a single plot. With that said, you do not necessarily need to spend money to get 100 Atlas Bucks in the mobile game.

The developers behind Atlas Earth have given users the option to watch advertisements instead of paying for virtual land with physical money. If you are short on cash or simply do not want to spend your money, you can watch ads within the app to earn Atlas Bucks so that you can buy virtual land.

You will need to watch 50 ads to earn 100 Atlas Bucks in Atlas Earth, which is equal to $5 and one plot of land.

How Does Atlas Earth Work?

Atlas Earth is one of the first games that is built around the concept of buying virtual land in a metaverse. Unlike other interactive online games with many players such as MMOs, the key idea behind Atlas Earth is to explore a metaverse that mirrors real-world locations.

When you download Atlas Earth and start playing, you will see a virtual representation of your actual surroundings within the game. As you explore your surroundings, you will notice that each area is either available for sale in the form of plots - or the area is already owned by another Atlas Earth player.

You can become a land owner in Atlas Earth by purchasing the in-game currency, Atlas Bucks. This allows you to acquire parcels that are divided into 900-square-foot plots. You can choose to buy a single plot or even thousands based on how much you want to spend and how much you enjoy the game.

With that said, there are certain perks to owning more virtual land in Atlas Earth. Aside from the potential to earn actual money by having more land, there is a hierarchy system that has been created by the developers. Depending on how much land you own, you can potentially end up as the ‘Mayor’, ‘Governor’, or ‘President’ of a virtual region.

Since Atlas Earth is a virtual representation of the actual U.S., you are able to buy land in your local area. If you own enough land, you will earn one of the 3 main titles in the game, which gives you some bragging rights over other players in the Atlas Earth metaverse.

Mayor (Most Virtual Land in a City)

Much like your actual town or city, your local area in Atlas Earth will have a Mayor. This is a title that is given to the player with the most amount of land in your city.

Whenever you open up Atlas Earth to explore the metaverse, you will be shown who the Mayor in your area is.

Governor (Most Virtual Land in a State)

Becoming the governor of your state is likely going to be a lot easier in Atlas Earth than in real life. However, instead of running for governor, you can simply buy your way in by purchasing enough land in the app.

Just like the Mayor title of Atlas Earth, you can become the Governor of the entire metaverse state that you are in by owning more land than anyone in the virtual region.

President (Most Virtual Land in The U.S.)

The President title in Atlas Earth is awarded to the user who owns the most land in the entire United States.

This is the most lucrative and elusive title that you can achieve in the game, but it will require a massive investment of virtual land in Atlas Earth.

Can You Make Money on Atlas Earth?

Although Atlas Earth is focused on encouraging users to buy virtual land in the metaverse for entertainment, you can actually make money in the game. After you purchase a plot in Atlas Earth, you are the owner of that parcel and you can begin earning a profit on the land through rent.

You start earning money in Atlas Earth, quite literally, the second that you become a land owner. Rent is paid in Atlas Bucks to the owner of a parcel every second by the developer. Atlas Earth’s creators reward their users with Atlas Bucks for buying land, but there is a catch - the profit margins are quite low.

For every plot of land that you own, which costs 100 Atlas Bucks or $5 per parcel, you can earn roughly 10 cents per year. As I mentioned, the profit margins are extremely low. There are some other ways that you can earn money on Atlas Earth such as when you find diamonds.

Diamonds are items that can be found throughout the game and they allow the user to spin a wheel. Once you choose to spin the wheel, you are given a chance to win prizes - mainly more diamonds and Atlas Bucks. So, theoretically, you can convert the Atlas Bucks that you win with diamonds into real currency which you can cash out. With that said, even with this approach, your profit margins are going to be very low.


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