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Buying property today is far more costly than it was in the past, which is why many people are looking to acquire the cheapest real estate possible in the US.

Whether you are a real estate investor or a private homeowner, buying land at a fair price is always going to be the way to go, but it can be quite challenging to find land parcels that are a legitimate bargain these days. Luckily, there are some amazing locations scattered around the United States where you can buy land for incredibly cheap.

You can purchase the cheapest land in the US in Nevada at a median cost of $147.00 per square acre, New Mexico at a median cost of $1,462 per square acre, Nebraska at a median cost of $1,898, and Tennesee at a median cost of $3,824 per square acre.

As urbanization expands and metropolitan areas begin to experience gentrification, the cost of land continues to skyrocket across the entire country. For many people out there, the American dream of owning a plot of land and a home is becoming more and more a fantasy due to this massive increase in real estate prices. However, many people are wisely adapting to this by purchasing land in parts of the country that have not been exploited by the real estate industry. This is great news for investors that want to acquire an affordable piece of real estate, as well as aspiring homeowners who want to set up shop without dealing with extortionate mortgage payments. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at where to find the cheapest land in the US in more detail.

After years of working as a real estate investor, I have had an extensive amount of experience reviewing cheap land parcels across the entire United States. My experience has taught me that the cheapest land in the US is generally located in areas that are desolate and do not have typical attractive real estate qualities.

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Cheapest Land in the US

Regardless of what your intentions are for buying land, committing to a piece of real estate is a huge decision for so many people. Buying land is generally one of the most important financial decisions that any person can make, which is why you want to weigh out your options carefully - no matter how cheap the property is! It is important to recognize that land is an investment and it can appreciate or depreciate depending on the parcel that you decide on based on its physical qualities.

Before you begin assessing the real estate market for your ideal piece of land, it is important that you have your finances in order so that you can formulate a legitimate budget for the land that you seek. If you have got adequate savings ready to go, then you can establish a budget relatively easily and you can begin your search immediately based on how much you are willing to spend. However, if you need to bankroll your land purchase with the assistance of a financial institution, then you want to approach our real estate acquisition with caution and consideration.

Next, you should consider the long-term goals for the cheap land that you want to buy. Property intentions are a very important aspect of hunting down quality real estate, as every single land parcel that you look at is going to have its own defining characteristics that add value to the property. A wise land investor should always try to assess the property’s qualities based on its location, surrounding features, local climate, and market trends to determine whether the cheap land is actually worth buying or not. This is vital for aspiring land owners that want to make the most of their investment - regardless of what their land intentions are.

With that being said, if you are looking to acquire the cheapest land possible and have little to no interest in utilizing the real estate as an investment opportunity, then the only thing that you really need to consider when weighing out your options is the price tag and your budget, as there are plenty of land parcels out there that are dirt cheap! Keep reading to learn more about where to find the cheapest land in the US.


If you want to find the cheapest land in the country, a great place to start is going to be Nevada. This is a state that many people tend to overlook when wanting to acquire cheap real estate, as there are a ton of vacancies scattered throughout and plenty of cheap parcels all over.

The current average median cost of land per acre in the State of Nevada is just $147.00! This is insanely cheap when you consider that the average cost of land in the entire United States is $3,380, which is a nearly 3,000% increase from what you can find in various parts of Nevada.

This desert state is quickly becoming one of the most popular locations around the entire country for buying land on the cheap. You will find hundreds of listings for different kinds of land parcels throughout the state that greatly vary in quality. One of the most popular and attractive types of real estate in the state of Nevada is Mountain Land.

Many people are often surprised to find out that Nevada has more mountain ranges than anywhere else in the country. Throughout the desert state, mountain ranges can be seen as you cross through Nevada’s beautiful landscape, which implies that there are a lot of possibilities for purchasing Mountain Land properties here.

However, in addition to Mountain Land, Nevada is also well known for having agricultural land, hunting land, and fishing land. This is great news for people who want to buy land cheap that are looking to pursue their favorite outdoor hobbies or perhaps establish a farming operation.

New Mexico

A very popular place to buy land for cheap is New Mexico. This state is located in the southwestern US and is highly regarded for its beautiful desert landscapes which are complemented by stunning scenery from the southern end of the Rocky Mountains.

You can currently buy land in New Mexico for $1,462 per square acre. Although this is considerably more than what you would pay in Nevada, the price is still more than half of what the national average is.

However, the great thing about New Mexico is that it is quite dynamic compared to some places that have cheap land around the country. New Mexico is very well known for its gorgeous mountains, which are great for adding aesthetics to various land parcels. The mountains of New Mexico are also great for outdoor recreation. Hiking the various trails that are scattered throughout the state is often one of the main reasons why people want to buy cheap land here, as nature is very easy to access.

The beautiful natural landscapes in New Mexico are also cherished by landowners that enjoy hunting, as this is a very common activity that is practiced in the state. In addition, one of the main reasons why so many people choose to live in New Mexico is to set up a ranch. There are a lot of properties on the market in this southwestern state that has been specifically set up for the purpose of ranching, which provides a great investment opportunity to live off of your land.

Lastly, New Mexico has some fantastic urban areas to offer residents. Santa Fe is a lovely place to visit and has all of the amazing qualities that you would want from a great city - and it also happens to be the city with the highest elevation in the entire country!


Located right in the Heartland of the United States, Nebraska is also one of the cheapest places to find land in the country. So many people are choosing to buy cheap land in the State of Nebraska, as you can get yourself a parcel for as little as $1,898 per square acre, which is roughly half of the national average.

Although Nebraska does not have high mountains to offer real estate investors, the Great Plains tend to be a calling for so many people to set up shop in this Midwestern state. Many aspiring homeowners choose to buy land in Nebraska because of how pleasant of a location it is to settle down in.

If you choose to buy land in Nebraska, you will enjoy some of the beautiful nature that you can find throughout the state. Although many people tend to solely think of the Great Plains when they imagine Nebraska, this state also has some stunning rock formations, which can be found in the Panhandle. In addition, Nebraska has incredible dunes that many people visit in the Sandhills. These dunes provide for some excellent outdoor recreation such as quad riding and sandboarding.

With that being said, many people decide to buy cheap land in Nebraska because it also presents a great investment opportunity. Nebraska is especially popular among real estate buyers that want to utilize the state’s open landscapes for cattle farming. There are open pastures for cattle and other livestock to graze at ease, which is great for people who truly want to live off of their land.


If you want to buy land for cheap and enjoy some southern hospitality, there is no better place to do it than Tennessee. This state located in the Southern United States, is very popular among real estate investors and aspiring homeowners, as you can get yourself a plot of land for just $3,824 per square acre.

Although this is considerably more than the other options that we listed, Tennessee’s median house cost is still nowhere near above the national average. In addition, to cheap real estate prices, Tennessee also has cheap property taxes, which is great for people that want to cut the middle man out as much as possible.

People that choose to buy cheap land in Tennessee love to live here for the stable climate, as annual temperatures tend to fluctuate rather smoothly. Tennessee also has some great nature throughout, which can be particularly seen at the famous Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

This access to nature lets residents have a lot of opportunities for outdoor recreation, which is one of the main reasons why so many people decide to buy cheap land in this part of the country. Many hunters also choose to buy cheap land in Tennessee, as practicing this hobby is so much better when you can do it with nice scenery.

Lastly, Tennessee is also a very attractive place to buy cheap land for people that enjoy having some city life. The city of Nashville is considered to be one of the best places to live in the United States, as it is full of culture and energy. Being the home of country music, it is considered to be the music capital of the entire country.


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